Patch Notes

Posted on June 5th, 2024 11:59 AM EST

  • Add_Default_Actions item property. Defaults to true when no actions are specified.
  • Buildable_Placement_Rule vehicle property. Replaces vehicle Supports_Mobile_Buildables property.
  • Russia keycard door progress for players who follow a friend into the room. [Thanks SkeJ!]
  • Replacing vehicle battery using the wrong guid. [Thanks NSTM!]
  • Headlamp not overriding Priority_Over_Cosmetic. [Thanks Zombs-R-Cute!]
  • Duplicate automatic repair/salvage blueprint actions. [Thanks TeemoCell!]
  • Default new terrain tiles to Fallback_Green material. [Thanks Jdance!]
  • Map credits list cut off in some cases without enough height. [Thanks WWTC!]
  • Push forward rendering decal out from surface 2 mm.
  • Exception when logging out inside ambiance volume.
  • Potential cause of out-of-sync NPC date/time counter.
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