Unturned-Servers.net Blog Feed en https://unturned-servers.net/ Fri, 16 Jul 2021 18:01 CEST Unturned-Servers.net is a Unturned servers list. Its goal is to provide an efficient way for players to find a server that suits their needs and also for servers owners to get more players on their servers. 60 Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/342/321230-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/342/321230-update-notes/ Fri, 16 Jul 2021 18:01 CEST here.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/341/321230-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/341/321230-update-notes/ Fri, 16 Jul 2021 17:59 CEST Changelog:
  • Deadzone full suit protection option.
  • Level asset skill default and max level overrides.
  • Trap_Setup_Delay and Trap_Cooldown options for traps.
  • NPC Global Event Hook component for modders.
  • Interactable item dropper and binary switch can set Hint to Custom to use Interact token.
  • Explosive bullets inconsistently hitting curved road.
  • Incorrect umbrella item icon bounds.
Farewell, Yarrrr
Quoted from MoltonMontro's announcement of Yarrrr's retirement from Unturned yesterday:

It has been an honor to work alongside Yarrrr for as many years as I have been able to. He has been a part of the community since the beginning. Now, as Yarrrr is retiring from the community, it is time to say farewell. I have no doubts when I say that he has had a profound impact on the game and its various communities.

Yarrrr has stepped down from his administrative roles on the Steam Discussions forum, our SDG Forum, the game wikis, and the official Discord server.

I am extremely happy for him to have stuck around for as long as he has, and I know there are many veterans who will be sad to see him retire. Best wishes to Yarrrr, and whatever he focuses his time towards next!]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/340/321230-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/340/321230-update-notes/ Fri, 16 Jul 2021 17:59 CEST here.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/339/321220-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/339/321220-update-notes/ Fri, 02 Jul 2021 18:55 CEST Changelog:
  • Individually replicated structures using wrong fractional precision.
  • Groups, airdrops, and weather not closing savedata stream. Thanks DiFFoZ!
  • Ignore request to save if level has not finished loading.
  • Plugin disabling freecam, admin edit, or name overlay force disables on client.
  • Spec ops helmet missing from Russia and Germany spawns.

Зефирка has replaced the Ireland map with a reenvisioned / remastered Winter update! They are looking for modders to help on the project, and would be happy to hear from you if you are interested in joining their team.

View Ireland on the Workshop

Chef Zombie Plush - Final Day:

We have collaborated with Makeship to bring the Chef Zombie to life in the form of a limited-edition collectible plush toy! July 3rd is the final day of the campaign, after which it will no longer be available for purchase. Thank you to all the early customers for your interest and support reaching the funding goal! You can order this lovable monster from the Makeship campaign here:

View Unturned Chef Zombie Plush on Makeship[shop.makeship.com]

This section of the post will be removed once the campaign ends.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/338/321220-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/338/321220-update-notes/ Fri, 02 Jul 2021 18:55 CEST here.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/337/321210-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/337/321210-update-notes/ Fri, 18 Jun 2021 20:58 CEST Changelog:
  • Option for unlisted workshop file visibility.
  • Server list description can no longer use size, voffset, or sprite tags.
  • Pump-action and bolt-action rocket launchers.
  • Liberator door missing use sound.
  • Variety of textures with compression disabled.
]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/336/321210-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/336/321210-update-notes/ Fri, 18 Jun 2021 20:58 CEST here.]]> Chef Zombie Plush Announcement https://unturned-servers.net/blog/335/chef-zombie-plush-announcement/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/335/chef-zombie-plush-announcement/ Fri, 11 Jun 2021 17:47 CEST Chef Zombie Plush:
We have collaborated with Makeship to bring the Chef Zombie to life in the form of a limited-edition collectible plush toy!

You can order this lovable monster from the Makeship campaign here:

View Unturned Chef Zombie Plush on Makeship[shop.makeship.com]

To produce them we need to reach the funding goal of 200 orders before the campaign ends on the 1st of July, 2021. Everyone will be refunded if the 200 mark is not achieved. For more details:

View Makeship FAQ[store.makeship.com] Change Notes:
  • Added command-line "-FullscreenMode=#" window mode override. Unity built-in command-line arguments take priority.
  • Updated from Unity 2019.4.20f1 to 2019.4.28f1.
  • Fixed a few bugs with -OfflineOnly dedicated server option.
During the Unity upgrade there were some instances where serialized material and texture references needed to be reassigned. Hopefully all of these have been caught, but if there is a weird new visual bug it is probably related to this, and should be an easy fix.]]>
Chef Zombie Plush Announcement https://unturned-servers.net/blog/334/chef-zombie-plush-announcement/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/334/chef-zombie-plush-announcement/ Fri, 11 Jun 2021 17:47 CEST here.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/333/321190-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/333/321190-update-notes/ Fri, 28 May 2021 18:03 CEST Changelog:
  • Asset validation warning when clothing prefabs are on the wrong collision layer.
  • Projectile_Lifespan option for guns with physics projectiles. Default is 30 seconds.
  • Filter in server list for players to find non-monetized or non-gameplay monetization hosts.
  • Tools for moderating server list without requiring a client update.
  • Consolidated door, melee attack, and helicopter ignition audio clips.
  • Formatting missing tree asset error.
  • Duplicate powerline pole near Liberation Bridge on PEI.
  • Collision layer of several dozen curated clothing prefabs.
  • Germany, PEI, and Russia quest initialization case sensitivity.
  • Exception if collision hit sound was missing.
  • Dragging item missing asset.
Server Hosting Rule Changes Reminder:

The new "Monetization" field in each server's Config.json file defaults to "Unspecified", but can be set to "None" or "NonGameplay". If configuring this field please ensure to be truthful. "None" is for unmonetized or donation-only servers, and "NonGameplay" is for servers with purchases that do not provide a gameplay advantage. Players filtering the server list by "NonGameplay" will also see "None" servers.

Warnings will start being sent to server hosts breaking the new rules scheduled to take effect on June 11th. Read more details here.[github.com]]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/332/321190-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/332/321190-update-notes/ Fri, 28 May 2021 18:03 CEST here.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/331/321180-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/331/321180-update-notes/ Fri, 21 May 2021 17:52 CEST Changelog:
  • Command-line "-RefreshRate=#" preferred monitor refresh rate override.
  • Config for custom links in server lobby screen and monetization filter.
  • Separated vehicle explosion option into ShouldExplosionCauseDamage and ShouldExplosionBurnMaterials.
  • Target_Acquired_Effect and Target_Lost_Effect for custom sentries.
  • Can_Be_Damaged option for buildable items.
  • Plugin ShowUseableGunStatus and ShowVehicleStatus UI flags.
  • Replaced PDW on Yukon with Swissgewehr.
  • Moved when buildable spawned events are called.
  • Saving levels with hundreds of different tree assets installed.
  • Tree audio in Kuwait menu.
  • Asset casting exceptions across the entire codebase. These were responsible for the NPC and zombie damage problems on Kuwait when there were ID conflicts with mods of a different type.
  • Visible_On_Ragdoll was accidentally disabled for cosmetics.
Server Links Config:

Servers can now include links to their website, support, forums, etc., in the lobby screen. The "Links" field in each server's Config.json file is an array, each entry has a richtext "Message" and "Url" field. For example:

{ "Message": "SDG Website", "Url": "https://smartlydressedgames.com/" },
{ "Message": "SDG Forum", "Url": "https://forum.smartlydressedgames.com/" }
]]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/330/321180-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/330/321180-update-notes/ Fri, 21 May 2021 17:52 CEST here.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/329/321170-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/329/321170-update-notes/ Fri, 14 May 2021 18:16 CEST

Watch the Kuwait Map Trailer Here


An unforgiving desert where basic necessities are scarce, weapons are even scarcer, and everything is trying to kill you. A mix of Yukon, Russia and Elver, the map mixes up the status quo of survival, making it more engaging, fun, overall less grind-y. Want to speedrun to the deadzone? You will have to craft your gasmask. Want to get straight into shooting things? Craft yourself a trusty rifle. More of the laid back PvE type? Try your hand at the available 200 quests. All playstyles are accommodated in Kuwait.

Besides the inherent difficulty that comes with the setting of the map; in which you cannot grow your own food on the land, your thirst depletes quicker, and visibility is on either end of the extreme spectrum depending the weather, you may notice several other changes that will impact the way you play the game.

Most guns you will come across are Semi or Burst, with the occasional Auto firing weapon. Recoil will also not be on your side. You will have to really pick your shots or risk wasting precious ammo.

Watch out for straw baskets that can drop anything from basic food and water, to life saving medicines and crafting supplies.

A lot of conventional features in Vanilla Unturned may have been abandoned in Kuwait, from freeform buildables to metal structures; you will have to seek out the alternatives provided.

To host a server running the map add its workshop file ID (2483365750) to the File_IDs list in WorkshopDownloadConfig.json, and set the map to Kuwait in Commands.dat.

For the next two weeks a variety of exclusive new free items will be dropping:

This project was created by Animatic and NSTM. If you enjoy the map and would like to support them, consider checking out their Kuwait-themed bundles on the Stockpile:

Assorted Hats Bundle
Divine Duneman Bundle
Mythical Sunrise Bundle
Mythical Sunset Bundle
Letterman Bundle

Watch the Kuwait Item Showcase Here

Server Hosting Rule Changes:

Changes to monetization rules for server hosts are scheduled to take effect on June 11th. Read more details here.[github.com]
]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/328/321170-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/328/321170-update-notes/ Fri, 14 May 2021 18:16 CEST here.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/327/321160-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/327/321160-update-notes/ Fri, 07 May 2021 18:00 CEST Changelog:
  • Heavy rain storms with lightning, enabled on PEI, Washington, and Russia.
  • Glacier Arena featured map items bundle.
  • Plugin events for repairing buildable items.
  • Temporary legacy sand physics material for desert maps.
  • Stuck spot under Germany train bridge.
  • Multiple instantiated skin material leaks.
  • Dirtbikes not spawning at Russian farms.
  • Shareable items can grant NPC rewards to other players.
Kuwait Curated Map Trailer:

Watch the Kuwait Map Trailer Here
Kuwait, Unturned's first desert map, is set to release on the 14th of May.


Dark grey fog signals the danger of lightning during a rain storm. The damage from a lightning strike is similar to a rocket launcher explosion, so protecting valuables with a roof is recommended. In multiplayer lightning strikes are always within half a kilometer of a player.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/326/321150-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/326/321150-update-notes/ Fri, 23 Apr 2021 18:06 CEST Changelog:
  • Gentle snowfall on Yukon map rather than spans without weather.
  • Peak normalization for inbound voice chat.
  • Per-material bullet and shell casing impact audio.
  • New per-material bullet impact audio.
  • Double and triple stacked upgrades of the Experienced Beret.
  • Updated older core.content assets to newer format. This enables multiplayer file integrity checks for terrain textures.
  • Large slippery metal plate was vulnerable to lowcal.
  • Crafting exception if canteen had invalid state.
  • Workaround for deferred decals using wrong ambient light values.
  • Not updating vehicle speed units label when changing unit system in-game.
Yukon Snowfall:

In early versions of Yukon the blizzarding weather was permanent, but it was brutal not having any respite. A later change introduced periods of clear skies, but the unrestricted sight-lines interfered with the balancing. This update replaces the clear skies with gentle snowfall which limits sight-lines, but not as much as the blizzard, and does not freeze the player. Existing saves will cycle the scheduled weather before taking effect.

Voice Chat Normalization:

Most players should have the same apparent loudness now. This replaces the inbound voice chat gain option. Depending on feedback there may need to be some further adjustments, so please share your thoughts.

Bullet Audio:

Bullet impact, bullet casing bounce, and shell casing bounce sounds have been replaced on most surfaces. These may need some tuning, so please share your feedback. In particular the bullet casing sounds were designed towards the metallic sounding bounce which might be a little too loud? For modders please note that the *_NoAudio effect variants are temporary until the visual effects are upgraded.

Older *.content Bundle Deprecation:

Terrain materials, along with a few miscellaneous other file types, were still being kept in an older asset bundle format. Unlike the newer format these files did not have integrity tests in multiplayer, so players could delete the terrain materials for an advantage. All vanilla usage of the old format has been replaced, as well as on the Hawaii and Greece maps. Support for the old format will be kept for the foreseeable future, but please consider upgrading.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/325/321150-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/325/321150-update-notes/ Fri, 23 Apr 2021 18:06 CEST here.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/324/321140-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/324/321140-update-notes/ Fri, 09 Apr 2021 17:49 CEST Update Notes:
  • VehicleTurretEventHook component for modded vehicles.
  • Slightly increased footstep audio interval.
  • Effect volume should not spawn on dedicated server.
  • Singleplayer initializing quests twice on load.
  • Electric zombie attack loopback exception on dedicated server.
  • Not loading Debris_Old.prefab for non-speedtrees.
  • Using stuck vehicle to teleport out of arena into lobby.
  • Warning for dedicated server per-file workshop result.
  • Initial lighting state sent in arena levels.
  • Mirror back of shirt for left-handed characters.
  • Potential logging UTF8 encoding fallback exception.
  • IOBS event hook registering too early.
  • Networked gun UI getting created before HUD.
  • Swapping rotated item with non-rotated equipped item.
]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/323/321140-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/323/321140-update-notes/ Fri, 09 Apr 2021 17:49 CEST here.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/322/321130-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/322/321130-update-notes/ Fri, 02 Apr 2021 18:03 CEST Update Notes:
Earlier this year the lower-level network data packing and messaging systems were rewritten. This update builds upon those by rewriting the gameplay-level netcode systems. All features should work the same, but with improved performance especially on the server side.

These changes unlock many possibilities for the coming updates that were previously limited by poor netcode restrictions. In particular the voice chat should perform noticeably better now. Items under active consideration are listed on the roadmap, excluding ideas without a solid plan yet:
View Unturned Roadmap[trello.com]

The upgrades should be backwards compatible with most server plugins, but in some cases adjustments are necessary. Thanks to many plugin developers for working with us to update their code in advance of this update!

For details about the decisions and thinking behind this rewrite consider reading the accompanying blog post:
View March 2021 Development Update[blog.smartlydressedgames.com]]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/321/321130-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/321/321130-update-notes/ Fri, 02 Apr 2021 18:03 CEST here.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/320/321120-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/320/321120-update-notes/ Fri, 26 Mar 2021 16:36 CET Changelog:
  • Higher quality replacements for all of the original footstep sounds.
  • Server replaces steam_appid.txt before initializing Steam.
  • Disable weather if duration is set to zero.
  • Weather hash kick if weather changed during request.
  • Snowmobile wheels in Russia tank factory.
  • Elver radio backpack light position.
Footstep Sounds:

Most of the original footstep sounds were amateur recordings of me jumping around the neighborhood. There was not much variety and the quality was dubious, so they have all now been replaced by professional recordings. One of the noticeable areas of improvement is walking in and out of the ocean: what was previously only two clips is now separated into four depths with numerous clips each.

Netcode Preview:

The work-in-progress gameplay netcode rewrites went up on the preview branch last week. At this point all of the client->server code has been upgraded, and most of the server->client code. It should be stable for release in a week or two. Highly recommended for plugin developers to take a look. Read more details here.[github.com]]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/319/321120-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/319/321120-update-notes/ Fri, 26 Mar 2021 16:36 CET here.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/318/321110-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/318/321110-update-notes/ Fri, 19 Mar 2021 17:00 CET Changelog:
  • Per-surface landed (i.e. stopped falling) audio.
  • Release cursor binding for mods using the gesture/faces menu.
  • Rocket OnPlayerDeath respect original ordering.
  • Log client/server hashes on weather mismatch.
  • Exception when map finished installing after destroying menu.
  • Missing NPC vendor currency amount labels.
Netcode Preview:
The work-in-progress set of gameplay-level netcode upgrades went up on the preview branch earlier this week. It is highly recommended for plugin developers to take a look. Read more details here.[github.com]]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/317/321100-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/317/321100-update-notes/ Fri, 12 Mar 2021 19:00 CET Changelog:
  • Bullet flyby / near-miss audio.
  • Limit framerate and max framerate options in display settings.
  • Consolidated car horn audio clips.
  • Object visibility quest added condition.
  • Nightvision disabling weather fog.
  • Disable devkit viewport outside of editor.
  • Orientation of atomic effect on several Elver items.
  • Check client weather asset matches server.
Up Next:

Most of the development time this week was focused on the next set of netcode improvements. They will hopefully be available on a beta branch sometime next week.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/316/32190-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/316/32190-update-notes/ Fri, 05 Mar 2021 18:41 CET Weather:
Rain and snow have been built-in for a long time, but not in a way that was customizable or extendable. There were even some old comments in the code for "todo: heavy rain storms". They have now been rebuilt in a moddable fashion so maps can customize them or add new weather events, and lightning storms on official maps are planned for a future update.

Update Notes:

  • Collision audio for bullet casings and spent shells.
  • Full support for custom weather. Hardcoded rain and snow have been converted to custom weather.
  • Replace personal name when streamer mode is enabled.
  • Fixed admin flag ignoring hide_admins during initial connect.
  • Placement of kill counter on Nightraider.
  • Z-fighting quad on log under wooden window.
  • Buildable door snaps to end of animation on load.
  • Asset validation checks motion vectors are enabled.
]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/315/32190-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/315/32190-update-notes/ Fri, 05 Mar 2021 18:41 CET here.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/314/32180-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/314/32180-update-notes/ Fri, 26 Feb 2021 18:25 CET Update Notes:
  • Game version check on server lobby screen.
  • Rewrote network messaging code. See details below.
  • Moved Washington Arena out of the core install into an optional workshop file.
  • Updated Alpha Valley and Washington to use road splines.
  • Client compares workshop file timestamp similarly to server change from the last update.
  • Blacklisted servers cannot be joined.
  • Blending out weather after set to none.
  • Elver radio backpack light mirroring on left-handed characters.
  • Helicopters and blimps use configured engine pitch.
  • Include terrain materials in level hash.
  • Spending NPC currency while currency condition is active.
Network Messaging Changes:

Following the network packing rewrite from earlier this month the code responsible for low-level network messages like the queue, authentication, BattlEye, etc has been rewritten. These systems are now more performant, resilient, and sets the foundation for the next step: game netcode improvements.

Important notice for plugin developers: the next set of network changes will remove support for RPC onTriggerSend and onTriggerReceive. If your plugins are using them please discuss here and we will find an alternative: Issue Tracker[github.com]]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/313/32180-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/313/32180-update-notes/ Fri, 26 Feb 2021 18:25 CET here.]]>