Unturned-Servers.net Blog Feed en https://unturned-servers.net/ Fri, 17 Nov 2017 21:40 CET Unturned-Servers.net is a Unturned servers list. Its goal is to provide an efficient way for players to find a server that suits their needs and also for servers owners to get more players on their servers. 60 Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/218/unturned-update-32130/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/218/unturned-update-32130/ Fri, 17 Nov 2017 21:40 CET
  • Added trunk space to all official vehicles.
  • Added support for level configs to override mode configs. See the Destruction map config for an example.
  • Added vehicle explosion force option for bicycles.
  • Tweaked auth event for mods to only be called for pending joining players.
  • Fixed to force players off destroyed bicycles without killing them.
  • Fixed using doors on car to boost through closed hatch.
  • Fixed crash when zombie destroys bicycle.
  • Fixed dropping throwable when killed while throwing.
  • Fixed using chewing gum in safezone.
  • Fixed chewing gum to explode after fully finishing using.
  • Fixed Liberator lights not turning on/off.
  • Fixed tutorial CCTV note NPC mixup.
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/217/unturned-update-32110/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/217/unturned-update-32110/ Fri, 03 Nov 2017 18:35 CET
  • Added flatbeds to driveable cargo train.
  • Added support for buildables on multiple moving sections of vehicles.
  • Added admin command ability to teleport to your waypoint. [/teleport wp]
  • Added RocketMod t-shirt the sales of which support fr34kyn01535.
  • Improved workshop files downloaded from servers to override existing IDs. // Thanks cartman-2000
  • Improved UI to react properly to external window resizing.
  • Tweaked train to instakill buildables on tracks.
  • Tweaked freeform bounds to help prevent overlapping head.
  • Fixed train desync when exiting at high speeds on server.
  • Fixed salvaging buildables with higher than max health.
  • Fixed showing hitmarkers on trains.
  • Fixed off roader material in menu level.
  • Fixed cargo train different forward/backward speeds.
  • Fixed to prevent grabbing trains with skycrane.
  • Fixed random short reward different values on client and server. // Thanks Spyjack
  • Fixed to prevent using invincible turrets while underwater. // Thanks PhaserArray
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/216/unturned-update-32100/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/216/unturned-update-32100/ Fri, 27 Oct 2017 23:31 CEST
  • Added train engine to Russia.
  • Added Halloween Gift Present to drops with new Blood Sucker mythical effect. // Thanks TheUnion
  • Added Halloween decorations to Neuschwanstein Castle and the Liberator.
  • Added several new Halloween themed curated workshop items to the stockpile.
  • Added support for skins that change the item's mesh and support for skinned vehicles.
  • Added material index override for devkit objects.
  • Added options to spawn effects on server and randomize rotation.
  • Improved to not show battery in UI on vehicles that don't use them.
  • Tweaked bicycle to not explode when destroyed.
  • Fixed bicycle pedals not lining up with feet when left handed.
  • Fixed interacting with quest decals.
  • Fixed exploded motorcycle front color.
  • Fixed black roadster incorrect speed. // Thanks xdlewisdx
  • Fixed canteen not collecting salt water on maps not using water volumes. // Thanks V1CeNtE
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/215/unturned-update-32080/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/215/unturned-update-32080/ Fri, 06 Oct 2017 22:16 CEST
  • Added Dirtbikes. [IDs 176-183]
  • Added Can_Use_Bundles option to level config.
  • Added timed curated map mode option.
  • Improved arena loadouts to only auto-equip weapons and clothing.
  • Fixed selecting decals in editor.
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/214/unturned-update-32070/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/214/unturned-update-32070/ Sat, 30 Sep 2017 13:43 CEST
  • Added ability for arena maps to spawn players with items. For an example see Alpha Valley's config file.
  • Tweaked cloud rainyness/snowyness to be visible only in rain/snow volumes.
  • Tweaked compass UI to not conflict with gasmask.
  • Fixed unable to join group when max group size is 0.
  • Fixed bullets not going through decals.
  • Fixed marker color UI option formatting.
  • Fixed explosion obstruction check backwards.
  • Fixed missing yellow glider from Hawaii.
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/213/unturned-update-32060/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/213/unturned-update-32060/ Sat, 23 Sep 2017 16:32 CEST
  • Added Wall Clock. [ID 1509]
  • Added ability to mark a location on the map for your friends and show it on the compass. [Right Click] You can customize your waypoint color in the survivor groups menu.
  • Added Projectile_Penetrate_Buildables option for rocket explosions.
  • Improved map to show arena compactor target circle.
  • Fixed reload speed multiplier applying opposite to vehicle weaponry.
  • Fixed location names not showing on map.
  • Fixed compass display type in inventory.
  • Fixed insane skins attachment color.
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/212/unturned-update-32050/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/212/unturned-update-32050/ Fri, 15 Sep 2017 21:08 CEST
  • Added Compass and option to always display compass. [ID 1508]
  • Added multiple stages to arena compactor.
  • Added airdrops to arena maps containing every item.
  • Added arena options, max group size and ability to disable static groups.
  • Added max vehicles and animals options.
  • Added September 2017 Workshop Crate #4.
  • Added grenade and tracer examples.
  • Improved map screen to refresh without reopening.
  • Fixed cosmetics toggle resetting at arena start.
  • Fixed missing workshop folder.
  • Fixed shadows on transparent text.
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/211/unturned-update-32040/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/211/unturned-update-32040/ Thu, 31 Aug 2017 20:07 CEST
  • Added the aurora borealis to Yukon.
  • Added links to forum and blog.
  • Hawaii - Added new NPCs and quests by Spyjack.
  • Hawaii - Added waterfall audio.
  • Hawaii - Improved performance near mauna kea.
  • Hawaii - Tweaked density of unnecessary effect nodes.
  • Fixed disabling collision on ice sheets in singleplayer.
  • Fixed a floating sandcastle on PEI.
  • Hawaii - Fixed underwater darkness depth.
  • Hawaii - Fixed rubber banding on haiku stairs.
  • Hawaii - Fixed several NPC and quest issues.
  • Hawaii - Fixed several vehicle issues.
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/210/unturned-update-32030/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/210/unturned-update-32030/ Fri, 28 Jul 2017 23:11 CEST
  • Added dynamic snowstorms, options in map and config for blizzard frequency/duration and ambiance volume controls to limit rain and snow to specific areas.
  • Added weather command which takes none, storm or blizzard as inputs.
  • Added decal importer for custom decal objects. Example in Bundles/Objects/Small/Decals/Test_Auto_Decal.
  • Added ability to translate EconInfo.json by appending language name e.g. EconInfo_Russian.json or adding an EconInfo.json file to your localization's folder for example inside the Russian folder.
  • Added ability to translate keyboard names in /Shared/KeyCodes.dat.
  • Added PSA banner to menu which might be used for time-critical events.
  • Added deadzone volume to level editors.
  • Improved blending between rainstorms and blizzards.
  • Tweaked makeshift vehicle recipe to require a battery and tires.
  • Tweaked upgraded cake to be salvageable.
  • Fixed using rangefinder while scoped in with off scope quality.
  • Fixed gaps in wall navmesh at German military base.
  • Fixed server restarting after regaining connection to Steam.
  • Fixed clients potentially connecting to server during loading.
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/209/unturned-update-32010/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/209/unturned-update-32010/ Tue, 18 Jul 2017 22:27 CEST
  • Added Secrets of Neuschwanstein easter egg.
  • Added Prison Warden's Key and ability to lock and unlock cell doors.
  • Added German versions of emergency vehicles.
  • Added support for guns with multiple calibers.
  • Added option for certain areas to have a higher max number of zombies.
  • Tweaked Berlin to have a higher max number of zombies to be more lifelike.
  • Tweaked Augewehr, Nightraider and Fusilaut to take both ranger and military ammunition.
  • Tweaked Syndicate to look more serious.
  • Tweaked to prevent exiting vehicles when a good exit point isn't found.
  • Fixed line color of road over dam.
  • Fixed building underneath rocket chamber.
  • Fixed German tree radius inconsistencies.
  • Fixed misplaced water in waterfall cave entrance.
  • Fixed damaging vehicle on busted coalition doors.
  • Fixed scrapping empire blueprint.
  • Fixed (finally) horde beacon difficulty to get set when initially placed.
  • Fixed zombies falling into blast chamber of rocket launch pad.
  • Fixed baking navmesh on extra tall maps.
  • Fixed beta shirt on left-handed characters.
  • Fixed canned food animation cut off.
  • Fixed devkit objects loading after items. Legacy objects didn't have this problem.
  • Fixed Germany analytics.
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/208/unturned-update-32000/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/208/unturned-update-32000/ Fri, 07 Jul 2017 23:58 CEST

Germany Map:

The new Germany map is finally here and available to play under the Official maps tab!

Germany is a new large sandbox survival map trying out several gameplay twists. It's more vertically oriented than any previous map with medium cliffs in the East blending into towering mountains in the West. It's more spaced out than Russia and has increased military presence similar to Washington including Coalition encampments. For the first time the military is using a mix of Military and Ranger grade weaponry. It also makes use of the features I've been adding the past couple months through areas like a submerged town with the most useful loot deepest underwater, cascading waterfalls, a burning crash site with primarily burning zombies, pathfinding for zombies over the city rooftops and quite a few underground locations.

3 Year Anniversary Event:

Today marks 3 years together on Steam and Unturned's transition out of Early Access! To celebrate anyone that plays over the next 3 days will have a chance to be dropped the Anniversary Gift Bag and everyone who's helped out over the course of Early Access will receive some special cosmetics!

These past ~4.5 years have been a crazy journey and I'm very proud to see how far we've come from the first version of Deadzone to Unturned 3.20 now. It's been a pleasure and lots of fun evolving the game this whole time alongside you. It boggles my mind how long some of you have been with me and I can't thank you enough for your support, but a huge thank you nevertheless. This community has changed my life and opened up so many cool opportunities, and I'm incredibly excited looking to the future with all the awesome updates and directions I want to take the game.

I hope you enjoy the update and as always I'm eagerly awaiting your feedback to improve Germany!

Update Notes:

  • Added Germany map.
  • Added Swissgewehr. [ID 1488]
  • Added Swissgewehr Magazine. [ID 1490]
  • Added Fighter Jet. [ID 140]
  • Added Dumptruck. [ID 141]
  • Added Prison Transport Truck. [ID 142]
  • Added Eagle. [ID 157]
  • Added Rabbit. [IDs 149-156]
  • Added Beetle. [IDs 158-165]
  • Added many new level editor assets.
  • Accepted several workshop items into the July 2017 Workshop Crate #3.
  • Accepted many new workshop items to the Stockpile.
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/207/unturned-update-31920/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/207/unturned-update-31920/ Fri, 30 Jun 2017 22:24 CEST
  • Added no weapons/no buildables safezone node options.
  • Added Flag_Short_Random NPC reward type.
  • Improved landscape and foliage system to automatically spawn when clicked in the type browser.
  • Tweaked ambient audio to randomly increase and decrease in volume.
  • Fixed landscape holes interfering with interacting.
  • Fixed multiple quest related bugs on Hawaii.
  • Fixed underground player spawns on Hawaii.
  • Fixed water volume near Kailua Kona on Hawaii.
  • Fixed lava killboxes at Muana Kea on Hawaii.
  • Fixed some minor visual bugs on Hawaii.
  • Fixed abuse in magma boss chamber on Hawaii.
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/206/unturned-update-31910/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/206/unturned-update-31910/ Sat, 24 Jun 2017 12:10 CEST
  • Added achievement for defeating the magma zombie boss.
  • Added per-navmesh zombie difficulty option.
  • Added nav clip volume for helping zombies navigate complex areas.
  • Improved navmesh baking to work with landscape holes.
  • Tweaked Hawaii gyrocopter to only be craftable on Hawaii.
  • Tweaked HMG rounds to deal explosive splash damage.
  • The Hawaii crew fixed many issues with the map and its content.
  • Fixed rewards on NPC goodbye messages.
  • Fixed some issues with swimming near the surface of water volumes.
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/205/unturned-update-31900/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/205/unturned-update-31900/ Sun, 18 Jun 2017 20:48 CEST
  • Added Hawaii Expansion.
  • Added 7 new cosmetics/skins to the Hawaii Mystery Box.
  • Added gameplay config for min/max drops from normal, mega and boss zombies.
  • Added emission multiplier to effect volumes.
  • Added ability to delete groups. Leaving requires a new owner or only one member whereas deleting kicks all group members.
  • Tweaked all sight aiming distance to be more consistently further back.
  • Tweaked tutorial messages to be slightly more clear.
  • Fixed building interior LOD on maps using newer objects system.
  • Fixed unable to scale water volumes.
  • Fixed loading water volumes with surfaces disabled.
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/204/unturned-update-318150/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/204/unturned-update-318150/ Fri, 09 Jun 2017 20:46 CEST
  • Added Empire. [ID 1481]
  • Added Empire Magazine. [ID 1483]
  • Added Devil's Bane. [ID 1484]
  • Added Devil's Bane Magazine. [ID 1485]
  • Added Luger Magazine. [ID 1487]
  • Added landmarks quality graphics option.
  • Added teleport NPC reward type to move player to specific spawnpoint in level.
  • Added crouch as a NPC pose option as well as Pose_Lean, Pose_Pitch and Pose_Head_Offset options.
  • Added invulnerable and explosion proof tags for destructible objects.
  • Added new guns and melees to skin source files.
  • Improved several furniture objects to be randomly colored.
  • Tweaked foundation height shorter.
  • Tweaked forageable resources to support spawn tables.
  • Fixed misaligned glass in Seattle fire station window.
  • Fixed satellite image for maps taller than 256m.
  • Fixed sound effect pitch deviation to scale with pitch.
  • Fixed incorrectly colored upstairs walls in house_3.
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/203/unturned-update-318140/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/203/unturned-update-318140/ Fri, 02 Jun 2017 22:21 CEST
  • Added MP40. [ID 1477]
  • Added MP40 magazine. [ID 1479]
  • Added Determinator. [ID 1480]
  • Improved scale tool to adjust sensitivity by bounds of mesh.
  • Tweaked chainsaw and jackhammer to alert zombies in a larger area. [Increased to 24m from 8m]
  • Fixed to only allowing climbing while standing, sprinting or swimming.
  • Fixed off by one error when killed while spawning into server.
  • Fixed to scale up backpacks/vests slightly on mega zombie model.
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/202/unturned-update-318120/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/202/unturned-update-318120/ Sat, 20 May 2017 17:13 CEST
  • Added Allow_Shoulder_Camera gameplay config option. When disabled your third person view is centered except when leaning.
  • Added vehicle config options for chance to spawn without a battery or tire.
  • Added angle and obstruction based automatic landscape painting options.
  • Added exact foliage tool mode. [Hotkey W]
  • Added auto splatmap brush. [Hotkey W]
  • Added smooth splatmap brush. [Hotkey E]
  • Tweaked consumeables that provides more food than water to constrain the amount of water to food gain.
  • Fixed foliage dithering option not working correctly.
  • Fixed to stop shooting automatic weapons when entering safezone.
  • Fixed deselecting newly copied object in devkit.
  • Fixed drag selecting in fullscreen devkit.
  • Fixed cleaning up server info refresh requests.
  • Fixed old tree models specular lighting.
  • Fixed old tree skyboxes getting cut off.
  • Fixed sending commands faster than chatrate.
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/201/unturned-update-318110/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/201/unturned-update-318110/ Sat, 13 May 2017 14:07 CEST
  • Added Top Gun quest for Andy on the Liberator.
  • Added Fighter Jet. [ID 140]
  • Added Fighter Pilot Outfit. [IDs 1472-1474]
  • Added assets for waterfalls, simple example in Devtest4.
  • Added effect volumes to devkit for placing particle effects.
  • Added lock handles option to selection tool.
  • Added ability to spawn objects/types by E hotkey in devkit.
  • Added search fields to landscape and foliage filtered browsers.
  • Improved to run execute.config from cloud folder as well.
  • Tweaked graphics draw distance to affect decal draw distance.
  • Fixed a performance problem with debug visualization in devkit.
  • Fixed devkit save window checkboxes.
  • Fixed some bugs with pilot weaponry in multiplayer.
  • Fixed decal visibility group visible option.
  • Fixed copying decal selection in devkit.
  • Fixed discolored corner of Diner #3 window.
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/200/unturned-update-318100/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/200/unturned-update-318100/ Sat, 06 May 2017 12:34 CEST
  • Added zombie difficulty assets.
  • Added shift-# hotkeys for devkit tools.
  • Added quaternion inspector to devkit.
  • Added transform copy/paste ctrl-b/n hotkeys to dekvit.
  • Added selection mask option to selection tool.
  • Added object browser to devkit.
  • Improved houses to have randomized colors.
  • Improved devkit to save tool configurations.
  • Improved visibility groups panel layout.
  • Tweaked carepackage fall speed slightly slower.
  • Fixed misaligned save/load button labels in devkit.
  • Fixed quest objects not showing up after loading in.
  • Fixed imported workshop skins emissive maps.
  • Fixed using flares to destroy rotors in PvE.
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/199/unturned-update-31880/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/199/unturned-update-31880/ Sat, 22 Apr 2017 00:42 CEST
  • Added radio frequency option to groups menu.
  • Added planar reflection quality setting.
  • Added tile draw distance option to instanced foliage mesh assets.
  • Added options for max ping and queue/game timeout to server config.
  • Added placard signs. [IDs 1467-1470]
  • Improved holographic sights to stay centered.
  • Improved scope off performance and scaling.
  • Improved ocean reflection performance.
  • Improved mp position compression to work with taller maps.
  • Updated to Unity 5.6
  • Tweaked to cap aspect ratio at 21:9
  • Tweaked stereo audio range lower.
  • Tweaked small pebbles tile draw distance lower.
  • Fixed server asking itself for quest info.
  • Fixed using asset/type browsers outside of editor.
  • Fixed an exploit with NPC vendors.
  • Fixed tourist hat mythical hook.
  • Fixed moonbuggy misconfigured seats.
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/198/unturned-update-31860/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/198/unturned-update-31860/ Thu, 13 Apr 2017 15:57 CEST


Under the play menu you can now form a lobby and invite friends from your Steam friends list. When the lobby leader joins a server everyone else in the lobby will automatically join as well and form a group in-game.


To quickly find an ideal server (especially for new players) you can use the matchmaker under the play menu which will find a server with the most players and lowest ping it can. In the options menu you can configure the minimum players and maximum ping as well as show the full list of maps.


Previously you could form alliances in-game by forming a Steam group, but this was a lot of hassle. Now you can create, join and leave groups in-game from the playerlist, and automatically get put into a group when playing in a lobby. As group owner you can rename the group and promote/demote admins to invite and kick members.

Edit: Old groups were converted to the new group system when joining the server with the first player to join as the owner so bases should still be functional, but I'm seeing a lot of feedback arguing for some of the pros of the old system like managing huge groups across multiple servers. If you have suggestions on how to merge the two systems post your ideas; right now I'm considering bringing back Steam groups as a default group when you first join the server with lobbies overriding that, and then the ability in-game to leave or rejoin your Steam group.

Update Notes:

  • Added April 2017 Workshop Crate #2
  • Added Lobbies.
  • Added Matchmaking.
  • Added revamped in-game group system.
  • Accepted 2 new outfits to the Stockpile.
  • Updated BattlEye.
  • Tweaked NEW labels and Steam status to be translatable.
  • Fixed potential for dropped chat messages.
  • Fixed loading into third person only servers.
  • Fixed hangar #2 doorway height.
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/197/unturned-update-31850/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/197/unturned-update-31850/ Sat, 01 Apr 2017 03:12 CEST
  • Added stereo. [ID 1466]
  • Added playtime drop skins for all melee weapons.
  • Added option to disable featured workshop item section.
  • Added moon buggy. [ID 139]
  • Added Use_Legacy_Fog_Height and Use_Legacy_Oxygen_Height to level config.
  • Transplanted PEI and surrounding waters to another planet for a change of scenery.
  • Tweaked more food items to cause hallucinations in line with their real life counterparts.
  • Fixed devkit browsers to reset scrollbar when refreshed.
  • Fixed naming of skin creator secondary folders.
  • Fixed several objects showing up black.
  • Fixed coastguard window collision.
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/196/unturned-update-31840/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/196/unturned-update-31840/ Fri, 24 Mar 2017 22:18 CET
  • Added popular workshop item display to main menu news.
  • Added ability to spawn level objects from the asset browser and modify them in the devkit.
  • Added object upgrade wizard to convert old objects to work in the devkit and Use_Legacy_Objects option.
  • Added new upgraded visibility groups options to devkit.
  • Improved skin acceptor tool.
  • Improved images in news to expand/contract when clicked.
  • Improved RAM usage.
  • Updated BattlEye.
  • Fixed timing related duplication bug with a few item types.
  • Fixed getting stuck in corner of windmill.
  • Fixed closing doors into vehicles.
  • Fixed incorrectly formatted secondary skin outputs.
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/195/unturned-update-31830/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/195/unturned-update-31830/ Sat, 18 Mar 2017 15:07 CET
  • Added skin creator wizard to devkit.
  • Added skin acceptor wizard to devkit.
  • Added picket sign to Extras/Bundles/Items/Barricades folder.
  • Tweaked to prevent viewing chart/GPS while blindfolded.
  • Tweaked blindfolds to show over cosmetic glasses.
  • Tweaked several Hawaii spawns/loot balance slightly.
  • Fixed vehicles stuttering while falling on server.
  • Fixed missing lobby in PEI/Washington arenas.
  • Fixed to prevent entering vehicles attached to skycrane.
  • Fixed placing buildables through small gaps.
  • Fixed to include flag template in sources.
  • Fixed several exploits in caves on Hawaii.
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/194/unturned-update-31820/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/194/unturned-update-31820/ Sun, 12 Mar 2017 13:58 CET
  • Added blindfold. [ID 1464]
  • Added a few more caves to Hawaii and large cavern.
  • Added workshop upload wizard to devkit.
  • Added automatic serverside workshop downloads.
  • Added more foliage details to Hawaii.
  • Added maple and pine beams to Hawaii.
  • Added coastguard mega zombie.
  • Tweaked coastguard spawns.
  • Fixed potential problem causing rockets to explode early.
  • Fixed no lighting mode to work more nicely with water.
  • Fixed not broadcasting player position while rubberbanding.
  • Fixed industrial pipe grate serverside collision.
  • Fixed hospital fortification slots.
  • Fixed airlock serverside collision.
  • Fixed fences serverside collision.
  • Fixed Hawaii waterpark duplicate water.
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/193/unturned-update-31811/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/193/unturned-update-31811/ Fri, 24 Feb 2017 22:35 CET
  • Added several minor Hawaii ranger/military/coastguard locations.
  • Added an underwater facility to the deadzone.
  • Fixed visibility groups affecting volumes on server.
  • Fixed possible object loading mismatch problem.
  • Fixed placing buildables as passenger.
  • Fixed potential problem when vehicles load inside lava.
  • Fixed looking around with infinite sensitivity.
  • Fixed missing space in haiku stairs name.
  • Fixed two stuck spots in cave under farm.
  • Fixed war boat serverside crash.
  • Fixed some colliders on the seaplane.
  • Fixed Hawaii ladder behaviour on servers.
  • Fixed incorrectly rotated Hawaii hospital slots.
  • Fixed Hawaii fences to be destructible.
  • Fixed collision on HawaiiPlatform_Cap.
  • Fixed ladder height on all towers.
  • Fixed shed placement at the track.
  • Fixed all garden fence heights.
  • Fixed vehicle spawn above the facility.
  • Fixed vehicle spawns to use newer table system.
  • Fixed multiple entries to the research facility.
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/192/unturned-update-31810/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/192/unturned-update-31810/ Tue, 21 Feb 2017 13:44 CET
  • Added hang gliders.
  • Added war boat, skipper and scrounger vehicles.
  • Added deadzone to Hawaii.
  • Added option to preferences to disable bloom lens dirt.
  • Improved volcano area on Hawaii.
  • Improved to log asset capitalization differences to errors.
  • Tweaked hovercraft skirt, turn radius.
  • Tweaked seaplane bumper size.
  • Fixed placing storage on drowned vehicles about to despawn.
  • Fixed to properly cleanup buildables on vehicle when despawned.
  • Fixed chart baking and updated Hawaii chart.
  • Fixed closing editor pause menu.
  • Fixed possible bug with devkit dropdowns.
  • Fixed saving kill volume configuration.
  • Fixed naming of several Hawaii objects breaking Linux servers.
  • Fixed placing barricades on a few vehicles.
  • Fixed seaplane tail colliders and removed halos.
  • Fixed coaster seats 3 and 4 to face forward.
  • Fixed colliders and headlight/taillight on fishing boat.
  • Fixed mismatched materials on serveral vehicles.
  • Fixed colliders and incorrect seats in fire truck.
  • Fixed fishing boat boyancy alignment.
  • Fixed hospital vehicle collision and hospital building fortification slots.
  • Fixed spruance fortification slots.
  • Fixed cruiseliner glass transparency.
  • Fixed Industrial_Pipe_Gate serverside collision.
  • Fixed tree stump materials and hitboxes.
  • Fixed lighting on seaweed objects.
  • Fixed clipping on Haiku railings.
  • Fixed ship repair bay fortification slots.
  • Fixed floating phones.
  • Fixed floating/sunken trees and through cave ceilings.
  • Fixed a player spawn underneath the map.
  • Fixed some large terrain holes.
  • Fixed volcano kill volumes to affect vehicles.
  • Fixed helipad at hospital.
  • Fixed objects appearing through facility walls.
  • Fixed floating tables at the memorial.
  • Fixed hang glider spawns.
  • Fixed missing ranger spawns.
  • Fixed coastguard spawns to use newer systems.
  • Fixed audio in dark ambiance caves.
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/191/unturned-update-31800/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/191/unturned-update-31800/ Sat, 18 Feb 2017 16:16 CET
  • Added Hawaii Map.
  • Added Mysterious Papertrail quest for Commander Laurence.
  • Added all maple structures to structure example package.
  • Improved screenshot key to upload to Steam, tag location and tag players.
  • Fixed placing storage on burning vehicles.
  • Fixed loading .asset files from map folders.
  • Fixed loading .content from maps and workshop.
  • Fixed double closing open menus.
  • Fixed baking navmeshes on maps using new terrain.
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/190/unturned-update-317170/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/190/unturned-update-317170/ Fri, 10 Feb 2017 21:19 CET
  • Added keybind to take a 2x resolution screenshot. [Default Insert]
  • Added swimming trunks to beach spawns.
  • Added credits screen to main pause menu.
  • Added animated lava object.
  • Improved map object RAM usage at the cost of longer loading times.
  • Tweaked vehicles with inconsistent numbers of physical and visual wheels to have invincible tires temporarily.
  • Fixed a foliage related performance regression.
  • Fixed equipping newly dropped/exchanged items.
  • Fixed non-physical tires appearing dead on client.
  • Fixed unable to use batteries/tires while in safezone.
  • Fixed potential incorrect "not playing on this server" kick.
  • Fixed equipped gear icon showing on display items.
  • Fixed a contradiction in the Russia Mystery Box description.
  • Fixed trees with mismatched client/server collision.
Unturned Update https://unturned-servers.net/blog/189/unturned-update-317160/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/189/unturned-update-317160/ Sat, 04 Feb 2017 13:16 CET

Vehicle Changes:

All vehicles now spawn with a battery. The battery charges while the engine is running, and drains down if the headlights/siren are left on with the engine off. If the battery runs out while driving the horn, headlights, taillights and sirens will stop working. If the battery is dead when entering the vehicle the ignition will not function. You can remove the battery in the vehicle context menu, and add one by using a replacement found at mechanics/gas stations.

Caltrops and weaponry now damage most wheeled vehicles' tires. Handling is significantly impacted by lack of wheels, but they can be replaced by attaching a new tire found at mechanics/gas stations.

Update Notes:

  • Added Vehicle Battery. [ID 1450]
  • Added battery charge required to use headlights/sirens/horn.
  • Added ability to steal vehicle battery to disable ignition.
  • Added Car Tire. [ID 1451]
  • Added ability for weapons and caltrops to damage car tires.
  • Added Use_Water_Height_Transparent_Sort flag for transparent objects above/below water.
  • Added death cause option to kill volumes.
  • Finished most of the Hawaii cosmetics/skins.
  • Improved loading screens to pick random image from and map /Screenshots folder.
  • Improved server info screen to show gamemode.
  • Tweaked "passive" NPC pose to keep gun in safety.
  • Fixed closing doors/gates on self.
  • Fixed red racecar wrong color.
  • Fixed copying kill volumes.