Unturned-Servers.net Blog Feed en https://unturned-servers.net/ Fri, 08 Jan 2021 19:16 CET Unturned-Servers.net is a Unturned servers list. Its goal is to provide an efficient way for players to find a server that suits their needs and also for servers owners to get more players on their servers. 60 Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/303/32120-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/303/32120-update-notes/ Fri, 08 Jan 2021 19:16 CET
  • Use dragged item rotation when swapping items. Previously only items that fit directly in the other item's spot could be swapped.
  • Increased trophy case storage height from 2 to 3. Allows the Hell's Fury to be displayed.
  • Precision charges can be converted into regular charges.
  • Increased maximum number of concurrent sounds from 32 to 64. Helpful for guns with high fire rate.
  • Prioritize local player's gunshot audio over other guns.
  • uGUI components are pooled now rather than the wrapper classes which should prevent old owners from modifying them, and make it easier to catch any remaining cases.
  • Map properly defaults to fully zoomed out again.
  • Client unable to connect to servers using system net transport.
  • Include per-level Config.json in file integrity test. Several editor settings like the option to disable global water intended for levels using water volumes were being exploited.
  • Fixed potential exploit opening feedback, song, and plugin links with overlay disabled.
  • Fixed small gap in Germany cave near the seed vault.
]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/302/32120-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/302/32120-update-notes/ Fri, 08 Jan 2021 19:16 CET here.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/301/32110-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/301/32110-update-notes/ Fri, 01 Jan 2021 18:14 CET Changed:
  • Profanity filter matches leetspeak replacements.
  • Banned workshop files are shown with red name.
  • Steam inventory page buttons loop around.
  • Server rejects building on constrained vehicles. (e.g. hooked by skycrane)
  • Increased gesture menu spacing to accommodate longer non-English strings.
  • BattlEye disabled warning opens the BattlEye directory on Windows.
  • Entering vehicle while unable to stand up from crouch/prone.
  • Devkit cursor IMGUI implementation.
  • Item alert exception after regular text alert.
  • Off-by-one error loading empty character name.
  • In-game group overlay cleanup exception.
  • Browser request exception after re-joining server.
  • Server groups exception when received before UI after re-joining server.
  • Dishwasher intersecting wall at a Yukon campsite.
  • Navmesh gap between lights and Germany barracks.
  • Taking a point of radiation damage after respawning from deadzone.
  • Editing signs that have been destroyed while typing.
  • Mannequin hat hair color matches body color.
  • Stay crouched while resting with hold crouch mode, and next press exits rest.
]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/300/32110-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/300/32110-update-notes/ Fri, 01 Jan 2021 18:14 CET here.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/299/320180-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/299/320180-update-notes/ Fri, 18 Dec 2020 18:03 CET Old HUD Optional:
Support for switching between the older (IMGUI) and newer (uGUI) HUD implementations has been added. This is intended for players experiencing visual artifacts and flickering with uGUI until an engine fix is available, or if you really prefer the old one. Note that some menus like crafting and the inventory behave slightly differently between the two. If you would like to use the old HUD:
  1. Right-click Unturned in your Steam library
  2. Click "Properties..."
  3. Click "Select Launch Options..."
  4. Add "-Glazier=IMGUI" without quotes
Click here to read further details.[github.com]

  • Command-line option (-Glazier=IMGUI) to use IMGUI rather than uGUI.
  • Button on server info screen to view workshop item details.
  • Kick messages for the different lost position in queue reasons.
  • Negative color option for UIs which used red.
  • Noto Sans Thai font for Thai players.
  • Improved scaling of in-game map menu at higher resolutions.
  • Moved first-person light source (e.g. headlamp) to camera position.
  • Scroll wheel handling while mouse is over inventory grid.
  • Crawling prone underwater into a slanted surface entering swimming stance.
  • Exception when chat message was received while loading.
  • Unable to reload assets after exiting level editor.
  • Async image downloads dirtying pooled images.
  • Async item icon capture dirtying pooled images.
  • Exception when alt-tabbing while re-joining singleplayer.
  • Delay when rapidly selecting items in inventory.
]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/298/320180-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/298/320180-update-notes/ Fri, 18 Dec 2020 18:03 CET here.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/297/320170-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/297/320170-update-notes/ Fri, 11 Dec 2020 17:56 CET Overview:
This update aims to address the feedback following the patches to the HUD update last week.

One of the major points was text legibility. In large part because the softer shadows could make it appear blurry. The shadowing has been revised, and much of the UI has been adjusted to only use them where necessary, for example on colored text and against colorful backdrops where the contrast is needed. Otherwise menus have been reworked to contrast with the text without shadows, and colored text usage has been reduced in favor of other indicators like disabling buttons.

Performance was another big concern, so there have been a lot of optimizations to the UIs that were causing hitches. As an example opening a storage locker with hundreds of items in IMGUI could spawn all of the UIs in a single frame because there was no overhead, whereas with uGUI there is a lot of setup required - to mitigate this there are a certain number of item UIs created per frame now, and all of the components needed (e.g. images, text, buttons) are recycled between usage (pooled) to reduce the setup time - this extends to all the UIs in the game.

Holiday Festivities:

Throughout the winter holidays each level is sporting some seasonal decorations. In particular PEI is temporarily covered in snow. Gifts containing high-tier weaponry can be found under christmas trees on official maps, and the NPCs have donned their santa hats.


  • Per-storage horizontal inventory scrollbar.
  • Light theme only color preference for rarity backdrops.
  • Option for custom text shadow color.
  • Accepted a few new skins from the curated workshop.
  • Revised text coloring and contrast throughout UI.
  • Improved scaling of inventory grid sprites.
  • Optimized creating and destroying basic UI elements by pooling them.
  • Optimized initialization of UI components before reparenting them.
  • Improved performance opening large storage by time-slicing the item UI creation.
  • Improved nearby inventory performance by time-slicing the refresh.
  • Text chat entry field uses color preference rather than admin/gold colors.
  • Loading screen bar uses foreground color preference rather than difficulty color.
  • Hide menus off-screen for a single frame when they are enabled to hide uGUI activation artifacts.
  • Second line of Chinese text in chat being truncated.
  • Right-clicking outside item popup box now closes the popup.
  • Several straggling hotkeys triggering while typing in text fields.
  • Plugin UIs visible while finishing loading.
  • Pooled UI list using cached viewport height causing a hitch after big data change.
  • Exception in UI when picking up destroyed items.
  • Hitch after death caused by skills menu refresh.
  • Exception updating item icon after item was destroyed.
  • Potential negative explosion damage multiplier.
  • Right-click highlight for buttons.
  • Removing entries from spawn tables editor.
  • Vertical offset of drowning status icon.
  • Buildable attachment to train carriages.
  • Pressing escape to cancel pending chat message.
  • Swapping items of different slot types within grid.
]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/296/320170-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/296/320170-update-notes/ Fri, 11 Dec 2020 17:56 CET here.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/295/320160-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/295/320160-update-notes/ Fri, 04 Dec 2020 18:10 CET HUD Update:
If you have been playing Unturned for a long time then you know that the menus and HUD have rarely changed. And at first glance that is still the case. Nevertheless there has been a major rewrite of the UI systems which has released with this update. I always find it annoying when software changes the UI for seemingly no reason, so preserving the existing (albeit questionable) appearance, design, and functionality was a top priority.

Across the board the menus and HUD should look and feel "better". Some players will notice a performance boost: in particular the compass, hotbar, and map overlay were optimized. Rich text in the chat fades out properly. Crosshair animations finish properly. Tons of Mac and Linux bugs have been fixed (e.g. the wonky gamma on Mac). Lots (but not all) of the UI spaghetti code has been untangled.

On the technical side: prior to this update the game was still using IMGUI from Unity 4. Unity replaced IMGUI with uGUI in 2014-2015, and are now even planning to replace uGUI with "UIElements". With this in mind I decided to abstract the underlying Unity UI implementation, so it will be easy to integrate UIElements once it is stable. I had been wanting to upgrade from IMGUI for years, but with the amount of work required it kept getting pushed down the road. In the end if took one month of refactoring, and then one month of intermittent development on the beta branch.


  • Events for vehicle locking/unlocking and local driver.
  • Valid_Speed_Horizontal for modded vehicles with speed the server cannot predict e.g. force applying components.
  • Whitespace and newlines are trimmed from start and end of sign text.
  • Swimming while snowing with Snow_Affects_Temperature disabled no longer causes freezing damage.
  • Clamp item drop multipliers for enemies to prevent huge values (100+) from stalling the game.
  • AI problems with unbaked navmeshes in the level.
  • Dialogue with message-response pairings out of bounds.
  • Display of custom item action text and tooltips.
  • Warning for rocket launcher firing sound.
  • Spinning while leaning to glitch nearby inventory through wall.
  • Workzone highlight camera defaulting to enabled.
  • Default value of Allow_Horde_Beacon should have been enabled.
  • Box-selecting objects without gameobjects in devkit.
  • Moving devkit objects in and out of regular level bounds.
  • Potential cleanup bug causing gun effects to be claimed by two guns at once.
  • Placing items in object windows after the transform hierarchy optimizations.
  • Selecting the sky in workzone mode after the transform hierarchy optimizations.
  • Improper handling of BOM/preamble in dat files.
  • Gap in cliff near PEI lighthouse.
  • Several gaps in Germany caves.
]]> https://unturned-servers.net/blog/294/320150/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/294/320150/ Fri, 20 Nov 2020 18:25 CET Performance Improvement:
Vehicles, items, zombies, etc. were all nested in an unnecessarily deep transform hierarchy. Almost everything has been reworked to exist at the root level now which enables some multithreaded Unity optimizations, granting a +10-20% performance increase to CPU-bound multicore systems.

All of the game APIs which returned organizational transforms for plugins have been deprecated, but will create placeholders when called to prevent exceptions. Functions for finding the root transforms of entities have been updated accordingly.

Server Config:

Previously the server advertised every config value and the client would find the differences to display in the config screen. This was problematic if the data was mismatched between client and server. Now the server only advertises the differences (compared to default), and the client looks up the property by path. The config screen also categorizes them to clarify variables with the same name.

  • Flattened transform hierarchy to leverage parallel transform processing.
  • Improved server config diffing and display for server lobby menu.
  • Included Russia boulders in example assets package.
  • Fixed unable to cook using campfires and ovens on vehicles.
]]> https://unturned-servers.net/blog/293/320150/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/293/320150/ Fri, 20 Nov 2020 18:25 CET here.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/292/320140-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/292/320140-update-notes/ Fri, 13 Nov 2020 19:27 CET Overview:
This update serves primarily to upgrade the game engine from Unity 2018 LTS to 2019 LTS. It should be a seamless transition and does not require changes from modders. The main benefit will be the upcoming user interface rework, which is available on a beta branch if you are interested in trying it out:
  1. Right-click Unturned in your Steam Library
  2. Select Properties and switch to the Betas tab
  3. From the dropdown select "glazier"

  • Bypass_Allowed_To_Damage_Player per-weapon setting.
  • Ignore_Children_File_IDs to workshop download config. Useful if creator is using dependencies as advertisements.
  • Imported adjustments by Renaxon to California messenger bag and armor rig.
  • Accepted four new curated workshop skins.
  • Enabled new Steam networking as the default transport layer (again). Huge thanks to Miku from Pandahut for extensive help testing!
  • Included mannequin in example assets.
  • Convert news feed usage of Steam web request to Unity web request.
  • Enabled rich text for quest interactables.
  • Failed console command outputs the input string.
  • LogSteamNetworkingSockets accepts a verbosity integer.
  • Gap along the edges of the 7x scope lens.
  • Leaning through invisible walls.
  • NPC enum parsing exceptions.
  • Two tiny gaps in the PEI pirate cove.
  • Using rest gesture in shallow water.
  • List translation differences on separate lines.
]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/291/320140-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/291/320140-update-notes/ Fri, 13 Nov 2020 19:27 CET here.]]> Halloween 2020 Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/290/halloween-2020-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/290/halloween-2020-update-notes/ Fri, 23 Oct 2020 18:33 CEST

Until November 1st the event is active:
  • Spyjack is updating Tales of Terror with new quests, items, and monsters each Thursday leading up to Halloween!
  • Decorations festoon the towns of official maps, as well as Elver in an update soon.
  • NPCs are wearing their Halloween costumes.
Happy Halloween!

Miscellaneous Changes:
  • Accepted several new skins from the curated workshop.
  • Hosting dedicated servers using the client files has been deprecated since June 2019 and is no longer supported. Please use the standalone dedicated server app instead.
  • Added Min_Stealth_Radius setting to level asset.
  • Added helper methods for getting remote address if available.
  • Added Horizontal_Attack_Range, Horizontal_Vehicle_Attack_Range, and Vertical_Attack_Range animal settings.
  • Added Spread_Sprint, Spread_Crouch, and Spread_Prone gun settings.
  • Added Recoil_Sprint, Recoil_Crouch, and Recoil_Prone gun settings.
  • Converted berry bushes to use spawn tables.
  • Exclude bots from server list player count.
  • Menu remote images are hidden until download is finished.
  • Menu was loading in the wrong order rarely.
  • Fixed character list on menu not properly populating.
  • Fixed unable to deselect item by clicking character.
  • Fixed missing text for server config without display names.
  • Fixed potential exception when enabling/disabling skins in-game.
  • Fixed potential exception when player dies partway through shooting.
  • Fixed potential issues reading corrupted Groups.dat file.
Halloween 2020 Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/289/halloween-2020-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/289/halloween-2020-update-notes/ Fri, 23 Oct 2020 18:33 CEST here.]]> Halloween 2020 Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/288/halloween-2020-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/288/halloween-2020-update-notes/ Fri, 23 Oct 2020 18:25 CEST

Until November 1st the event is active:
  • Spyjack is updating Tales of Terror with new quests, items, and monsters each Thursday leading up to Halloween!
  • Decorations festoon the towns of official maps, as well as Elver in an update soon.
  • NPCs are wearing their Halloween costumes.
Happy Halloween!

Miscellaneous Changes:
  • Accepted several new skins from the curated workshop.
  • Hosting dedicated servers using the client files has been deprecated since June 2019 and is no longer supported. Please use the standalone dedicated server app instead.
  • Added Min_Stealth_Radius setting to level asset.
  • Added helper methods for getting remote address if available.
  • Added Horizontal_Attack_Range, Horizontal_Vehicle_Attack_Range, and Vertical_Attack_Range animal settings.
  • Added Spread_Sprint, Spread_Crouch, and Spread_Prone gun settings.
  • Added Recoil_Sprint, Recoil_Crouch, and Recoil_Prone gun settings.
  • Converted berry bushes to use spawn tables.
  • Exclude bots from server list player count.
  • Menu remote images are hidden until download is finished.
  • Menu was loading in the wrong order rarely.
  • Fixed character list on menu not properly populating.
  • Fixed unable to deselect item by clicking character.
  • Fixed missing text for server config without display names.
  • Fixed potential exception when enabling/disabling skins in-game.
  • Fixed potential exception when player dies partway through shooting.
  • Fixed potential issues reading corrupted Groups.dat file.
Halloween 2020 Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/287/halloween-2020-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/287/halloween-2020-update-notes/ Fri, 23 Oct 2020 18:25 CEST Ank√ľndigungsseite finden.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/286/320120-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/286/320120-update-notes/ Fri, 09 Oct 2020 18:39 CEST Overview:
This update makes the new Steam Networking transport layer mentioned in the previous two posts the default. For most players it should offer superior performance and stability.

If you host your own server and experience bugs with this change please report the issues, and for the meantime you can revert to the old Steam Networking by including "-NetTransport=SteamNetworking" in your server command-line arguments.

Update Notes:

  • Steam Networking Sockets are now default.
  • All colliders on destroyed structures are moved to the debris layer.
  • Added LODGroupAdditionalData component which can be used to disable LOD bias per-LODGroup.
  • Fixed decimal scope zoom values defaulting to zero.
  • Fixed per-gun shell casing effects for sentry guns.
  • Fixed placing rotated item from ground into equipment slot.
  • Fixed attachment of pooled audio sources.
  • Fixed vehicle exit not account for teleport vertical offset.
  • Fixed building items on terrain inside hole.
  • Fixed holiday restricted objects with conditions.
  • Fixed taillights not turning back on after exiting water.
  • Fixed prevent entering build mode while in first person view.
  • Fixed completing multi-item condition in singleplayer.
]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/285/320120-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/285/320120-update-notes/ Fri, 09 Oct 2020 18:39 CEST here.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/284/320110-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/284/320110-update-notes/ Fri, 25 Sep 2020 18:52 CEST Overview:
This update is mostly behind-the-scenes preparation for making Steam Networking V2 the default. There is a fix on the Steam client beta for the dedicated server certificate expiry for any hosts using the beta.

Update Notes:

  • Craftable Steam inventory tools for removing kill counters and ragdoll modifiers.
  • Per-player audio source pool combined into a global pool. Most one-off audio like zombie growls use this now as well, and it saves some performance by skipping sounds that would not be heard.
  • Command-line flag to allow Steam Networking Sockets connection without authentication. [-SNS_AllowWithoutAuth]
  • Character mythical toggle disables ragdoll effects for stealth.
  • Client SteamNetworkingSockets waits for authentication availability before connecting.
  • Teleporting to named locations uses a nearby location rather than the highest point.
  • Log when server connection to Steam fails, e.g. when logon token is expired.
  • Catch exceptions during command execution to protect against startup command issues in the future.
  • Owner command in startup commands list.
  • Updating amount when switching vendors with different currency types.
  • Components using IMGUI disable layout pass.
  • Destroyed vehicles not appearing burnt after re-joining server.
  • Rocket no longer consumes a bot player slot.
Unity 2019 LTS Beta:

The game has been updated from Unity 2018 LTS to 2019 LTS on the "unity-2019" Steam beta branch. There are still a few bugs to sort out, but it takes advantage of several new performance optimizations if you are curious to test it.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/283/320110-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/283/320110-update-notes/ Fri, 25 Sep 2020 18:52 CEST here.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/282/320100-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/282/320100-update-notes/ Fri, 18 Sep 2020 18:27 CEST Update Notes:
The "network transport layer" is responsible for carrying data between your client and the server. Ever since 3.0 began development it was hardcoded to use Steam Networking V1, but is now being rewritten to support alternatives like the New Steam Networking V2, and generic sockets for offline LANs.

In order to narrow down bugs with the rewrite this update still defaults to the old Steam network, but contains a huge number of changes to the game-level netcode to support the transport refactor. If there are big issues with the update it will be rolled back, but it has been stable in beta so far.

Where possible, backwards compatibility with plugins has been maintained, but plugins doing unsupported things like modifying the network buffers will need to be fixed. This is an unfortunate side effect, however this rewrite is important for future netcode improvements.

If you host your own server and are feeling adventurous, you can try out the new Steam Networking V2 by including "-NetTransport=SteamNetworkingSockets" in your server command-line arguments.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/281/320100-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/281/320100-update-notes/ Fri, 18 Sep 2020 18:27 CEST here.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/280/32090-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/280/32090-update-notes/ Fri, 11 Sep 2020 19:28 CEST Update Notes:
  • Support for rebinding the equipment hotbar keys. This may be helpful for players with a broken number key.
  • Destroyed_Vehicle_Default [962] spawn table separated from metal boulders, allowing them to be overridden separately.
  • Button to reset server list filters when results are empty. Useful if the filters are too specific.
  • Support for external link buttons on songs and rich text in titles.
  • Different gun hitmarkers for zombies with high bullet resistance.
  • Per-water-quality values for canteens and non-water stats.
  • Support for passenger seats in train cars.
  • Quantity field in salvage/delete stacked item menu.
  • "-HostPlayerLimit" command-line parameter for hosting providers.
  • Windows shortcut links for the Unity appdata folder.
  • Explosion damage falloff calculation uses closest point rather than center.
  • Actual tree colliders are used for respawn overlap test rather than a simple radius overlap.
  • Slightly reduced scale of Moai Head mask.
  • Reduced scale of kill counter items, and updated them to TMP.
  • Increased rain and snow fog density.
  • Included physics settings (collision layer matrix) in example package.
  • Non-admins can carjack and repair tires of their own vehicles in safezones.
  • Friendly sentry guns target players holding socket wrenches, and no longer target walkie talkie users.
  • Players get half a second of damage immunity after respawn.
  • Warn if parsing misc JSON config files fails.
  • Show both version numbers in version mismatch messages.
  • Imported UMarine skin updates by CD.
  • Cannot build while seated because head can pass through walls in some vehicles.
  • Skycrane ignores collision between itself and attached vehicles.
  • Raw beef had cooked material, and cooked beef had raw material.
  • Updating map details on server info screen when map is not installed.
  • Client incorrectly sending stance changes.
  • Repair vehicle passenger check not working properly on server.
  • Using explosives to destroy holiday trees out of season.
  • Starting climbing ladder while handcuffed.
  • Opening menus while fishing rod charge overlay is visible.
  • Catching fish on land with the right timing.
  • Infinite loop when selling more than 255 items.
  • Power bug with custom oil drills missing an animation.
  • Server getting stuck if mod contains an infinitely looping crafting recipe.
  • Nearby items list not finding items that rolled between grid cells.
  • Note quest objects had non-trigger colliders.
  • Placing makeshift vehicle upward into ceiling.
  • Rocket logging duplicate console output.
  • Potential fix for sudden angle change the frame after closing inventory on Mac.
  • Stepped sun blending as fog changes.
  • Backend time offset not getting set properly.
  • Objects getting stuck in editor when move between regions was interrupted by flying/copy/paste/delete/etc.
  • Loading infinite/NaN UI scale value.
  • Inconsistencies with newly placed electric items at grid cell borders.
  • Ammo count in description of equipped gun.
  • Default formatting of singleplayer config without a display name.
  • Slightly misaligned markings on road props.
  • Achievements from NPCs were not unlocking properly in multiplayer.
(Beta) Transport Layer Netcode Rewrite:

The "network transport layer" is responsible for carrying data between your client and the server. Ever since 3.0 began development it was hardcoded to use Steam Networking V1, but is now being rewritten to support alternatives like the New Steam Networking V2, and generic sockets for offline LANs. If you are a plugin developer or interested in trying out the beta, read more here: GitHub Issue[github.com]]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/279/32090-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/279/32090-update-notes/ Fri, 11 Sep 2020 19:28 CEST here.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/278/32080-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/278/32080-update-notes/ Fri, 31 Jul 2020 18:54 CEST Update Notes:
  • Skin sharing between items with the same model using "Shared_Skin_Lookup_ID". Elver variants of melee weapons use this to share skins with the base game items.
  • New Steam Friends enhanced rich presence. Details from the "View Game Info" panel were made compatible with the new friends list to show who is playing together, in-game, in-editor, etc.
  • FallDamageOverride, TimerEventHook, and ActivationEventHook for mods. More information was posted to the documentation site.
  • Validate_EconInfo_Hash and Validate_MasterBundle_Hashes settings in server config. These control the hashing changes explained below.
  • Server verifies hashes of all loaded master bundles during connection. This prevents clients from connecting with out-of-date or modified master bundles, but can be disabled with the Validate_MasterBundle_Hashes setting.
  • Server tests dialogue tree to double-check player has access to vendor. Previously if that vendor existed on the server it could be opened through other NPCs.
  • Econ hash is validated with server. This prevents clients from locally exploiting other players visibility, but can disabled with the Validate_EconInfo_Hash setting.
  • Zombie kills condition can set "Radius" rather than specific navmesh. Elver uses it for global zombie kill quests.
  • Each frame one transparent propeller is updated to sort properly with water. Previously air vehicles crashed into water would be sorted wrong depending on the distance from the center of the water tile.
  • Replaced vehicle exit capsule overlap by finding the vehicle center by largest volume. The capsule overlap had bad side effects like upside-down vehicle falling back to spawn points.
  • Quest object interactions are no longer predicted on client.
  • Trees no longer respawn while a player or barricade is on the stump.
  • Embedded YouTube videos are now removed from the in-game text so they can be used in announcements.
  • Magazine reload speed modifier applying to detach rather than attach.
  • Catch exceptions while loading asset files. Some files did not get deleted properly for some players causing them to get stuck loading, so this should not happen anymore.
  • Prevent using voffset tags on signs. It could be abused to draw text in the sky.
  • Losing track of original mesh when repeatedly changing car paintjob.
  • Harvested bushes being invisible until respawning when returning to an area.
  • Minimum time between sentry gun shots fired. Certain guns were firing one shot per frame.
  • Pressing UI hotkeys on the same frame. (e.g. crafting and attachments menu)

Due to its overwhelmingly positive reception the Elver auto-install period has been extended indefinitely, essentially making it a permanent map. The map developers have been doing Friday updates, so keep an eye out for their improvements! Free Elver-themed items are no longer dropping, and are now only available by trade or through the marketplace.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/277/32080-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/277/32080-update-notes/ Fri, 31 Jul 2020 18:54 CEST here.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/276/32070-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/276/32070-update-notes/ Fri, 17 Jul 2020 18:00 CEST

Elver provides a unique experience not just through a fictional setting, but also by changing the way the game is played. Survivors must scavenge the entire map to construct horde beacons and gas masks for a chance at the highest tier equipment, or sell gear at the NPC safezone in exchange for currency to buy it.

The only lootable location on the map, the city of Elver, is surrounded by a dense forest dedicated for base building. Zombies are a threat across the entire city. Keep an eye out for any TVs with static: they mark the presence of hidden ranger crates containing unique weapons and items.

To host a server running the map add its workshop file ID (2136497468) to the File_IDs list in WorkshopDownloadConfig.json, and set the map to Elver in Commands.dat.

This project was created by danaby2 and Renaxon. If you enjoy the map and would like to support them, consider checking out the Elver Mystery Box or Elver Bundle on the Stockpile:

Watch the Elver Map Trailer Here
Watch the Elver Item Showcase Here

Update Notes:

  • Elver Mystery Box and Elver Item Bundle are now available on the Stockpile.
  • Elver event and exclusive theme items drops are active until July 31st.
  • Plugin UI formatting and event compatibility with TMP input fields and TMPUGUI texts.
  • Lucky Coins, Sky Lantern, Blossoming, Decked Out, Crystal Shards, Soul Shattered, and Enchanted mythical effects are available in the crafting pool.
  • Default TMP fonts fallback to Noto Sans CJK by Google.
  • Temporarily disabled clientside workshop restriction validation until we have a better way to identify hosts.
  • Moved an out of bounds boulder on Washington.
  • Fixed LOD fallbacks for skins with override meshes.
  • Fixed APC steering tire visuals.
  • Fixed impact grenades not exploding upon hitting vehicles.
  • Fixed using rest gesture from invalid stances.
  • Fixed door overlap test bounds. They were twice as big as they should have been.
  • Fixed yet another issue with crafting ingredients marked critical.
  • Fixed slightly floating fence in Stratford on PEI.
  • Fixed showing nickname on map with spectator overlay.
  • Fixed battery charging while fuel is empty.
  • Fixed disconnect button timer showing while dead.
]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/275/32060-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/275/32060-update-notes/ Fri, 10 Jul 2020 18:02 CEST Vehicle Building:

Several settings have been added to Config.json for limiting the size of vehicle bases:
  • Allow_Item_Placement_On_Vehicle (true / false)
  • Allow_Trap_Placement_On_Vehicle (true / false)
  • Max_Item_Distance_From_Hull (meters)
  • Max_Trap_Distance_From_Hull (meters)
In particular, the trap settings are intended to help prevent roaming walls of death.

Emissive Materials:

Following the recent Unity upgrade and post-processing upgrade, the bloom threshold has been raised to only affect pixels with >1 emission. This prevents bloom from interfering with bright surfaces like beaches. The emission colors on a few hundred materials have been adjusted to match, and especially the bloom on fire looks nicer. If any materials were missed or look odd feel free to report them as a bug and they will be adjusted.


Servers using old versions of Rocket will now be required to update to a newer version. There was a warning about this in the server console in the previous update, but now it is mandatory. This is important because there are fixes for legacy Rocket issues like multithreading exceptions and teleportation exploits.

General Additions:
  • Added Quest_Boss_Respawn_Interval (seconds) option to help prevent abusing quests to farm boss tier loot.
  • Added flags for plugins to disable life meters and status icons.
  • Added EffectSpawner component for Unity event hooks to invoke.
  • Added Rubble_Reward_Probability [0, 1] for destructible objects.
  • Added collection tags to Steam items.
General Changes:
  • Upgraded vanilla flag, placard and sign items to use Unity's newer "TextMesh Pro" replacement for text meshes. This looks nicer and offers better performance.
  • Per-level server config overrides only apply if the server is using the default value.
  • Tools like carjacks and lockpicks can be used by admins in safezones for cleanup.
  • Item placement preview materials are two-sided, and no longer red/green. Some items had one-sided faces, and the red/green was bad players with deuteranopia.
  • Attached barricades ignore vehicle colliders regardless of name. Previously only colliders named "Clip" or "Block" were ignored.
  • Workshop submission menu tries to check for write permissions.
  • Potentially save time during startup by only checking official guns, melee and beans for skins.
  • Expanded navmesh at the mine on the Russia map so zombies from the Northern entrance can reach the soul crystal.
  • Exiting vehicles tests whether seat capsule is overlapping world. Should prevent wedging the tops of short vehicles like bikes into ramps to exit upwards.
  • Links to box items are not shown in regions where they cannot be opened.
  • Line break markup is formatted in item descriptions.
  • IOBS spawns the interactable effect for Effect, Effect_On and Effect_Off transforms if present.
  • Featured workshop item is slotted below unseen announcements in the news feed.
General Fixes:
  • Fixed entering vehicles through player collision volumes.
  • Fixed disabling interaction highlight when salvaging a barricade attached to a vehicle.
  • Fixed movement and vehicle mispredictions related to the underground whitelists.
  • Fixed placing barricade attachment being one frame late. This caused barricades placed on moving vehicles to sometimes get left behind.
  • Fixed barricades placed on doors not attaching to vehicles.
  • Fixed missing Bistro #1 and House #11 window slots.
  • Fixed failed parsing of graphics command-line values throwing an exception.
  • Fixed nailgun maximum starting ammo.
  • Fixed ammo and repair blueprints not respecting critical supplies.
  • Fixed potential issue with lobbies.
  • Fixed punching when transitioning between swimming and jumping.
  • Fixed changing weapon slots while driving interfering with physics.
  • Fixed re-acquiring "The One That Got Away" quest after abandoning it.
  • Fixed zombie fire breath sound attenuation.
  • Fixed cancelling turret usage when vehicle dies.
  • Fixed missiles disappearing on client when shot while moving backwards.
  • Fixed treating relay server IPs as remote player IPs.
  • Fixed fire and acid weapons dealing damage on PvE servers.
  • Fixed Use_Airdrops config only applying to survival mode.
Visual Fixes:
  • Fixed refreshing hotbar icons when item state changes.
  • Fixed item hotkeyed to 0 showing as 10.
  • Fixed not resetting atmospheric fog when returning to main menu.
  • Fixed atmospheric fog influence on sun rays and aurora borealis.
  • Fixed layout of large images in the menu news feed.
  • Fixed a misplaced parking line in St. Petersburg.
  • Fixed brightness of stars.
]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/274/32060-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/274/32060-update-notes/ Fri, 10 Jul 2020 18:02 CEST here.]]>