Unturned-Servers.net Blog Feed en https://unturned-servers.net/ Fri, 24 Nov 2023 18:16 CET Unturned-Servers.net is a Unturned servers list. Its goal is to provide an efficient way for players to find a server that suits their needs and also for servers owners to get more players on their servers. 60 Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/404/323130-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/404/323130-update-notes/ Fri, 24 Nov 2023 18:16 CET Server Browser Upgrade
The server browser has been overhauled with custom filter presets, icons and tooltips for every element, optional columns, map icons, and more!


  • New and improved server browser menus.
  • Allow_Freeform_Buildables [bool] option to gameplay config.
  • Priority_Over_Cosmetic [bool] option for clothing items. Override default NVG behavior.
  • Nightvision_Allowed_In_ThirdPerson [bool] option for NVGs. True for vanilla NVGs.
  • Date_Counter NPC condition for events that happen after a certain number of in-game days.
  • Food, water, and virus equivalents of health NPC reward type.
  • Event when admin uses freecam.
  • "Matchmaking" menu.
  • Increased nighttime brightness on all vanilla maps.
  • Detonators and Raw Explosives are available (rarely) in care packages.
  • 1911, Maschinengewehr, Luger, and Determinator have been moved from care packages to militia spawns.
  • Placeable vehicles default to locked, if supported.
  • Editor levels list tooltip indicates whether file is from workshop or local copy.
  • Reduced main menu news feed header and title font sizes.
  • France Crusader shirt and pants metallic map corrupted. [Thanks Alpha-17!]
  • Players able to queue exiting the same group multiple times. [Thanks rube200!]
  • Lavaflow shader alpha behaving differently after engine update. [Thanks Flodo and Molt!]
  • NPCs able to sell locked vehicles that ordinarily can't be locked. [Thanks DerpyHoowes!]
  • Item prefab override missing in character menu after state update. [Thanks DerpyHoowes!]
  • Inconsistency in how item condition amount was counted in UI. [Thanks QERT2002!]
  • Adjust capitalization of server's input map name after loading. [Thanks BeetMacol!]
  • RegionList constructor allocation performance cost. [Thanks archie426!]
  • Server with -SkipAssets kicking players for missing assets. [Thanks rube200!]
Map Updates

Renaxon has updated Arid several times recently with lots of new items, vehicles, and content:

Arid Changelog

Animatic has completely remade the Kuwait city of Miral in a recent update:

Kuwait Changelog]]> Patch Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/403/323123-patch-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/403/323123-patch-notes/ Wed, 25 Oct 2023 19:00 CEST Changelog
  • Include code documentation xml alongside dlls for plugin devs. [Thanks DiFFoZ!]
  • Spawns editor tooltips show ID and asset origin.
  • Null reference exception if legacy spawn asset was missing.
  • Exception when loading auto-found dll a second time.
  • Decals remaining between level loads. [Thanks wsmajt!]
  • Aiming gun with safety on and Can_Aim_During_Sprint on. [Thanks Axodouble!]
  • Action buttons in item popup not working in IMGUI mode. [Thanks QERT2002!]
  • Revert postprocessing package version (again). [Thanks Kubusiek3!]
  • Bounty Hunter Ace skin metallic map corrupted. [Thanks DustyOwO!]
  • Teklowvka and Formal Fusilaut metallic maps corrupted. [Thanks MoltonMontro!]
  • Supercharged Shadowstalker, Accelerated Force Determinator, and Air Raider Augewehr metallic map corrupted. [Thanks Oyamat!]
  • Bodycount Nightraider metallic map corrupted. [Thanks Toothy Deerryte!]
  • France Crusader Shield metallic map corrupted. [Thanks Alpha-17!]
]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/402/323120-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/402/323120-update-notes/ Fri, 13 Oct 2023 20:24 CEST Item StatsItem descriptions now automatically include a variety of stats, from damage to movement speed to recoil control. More stats and tuning will surely follow feedback after the update.

Multi-line Text Chat
Text chat messages can finally span multiple lines. Previously, the length was enforced by a 127 byte limit, severely restricting languages with multi-byte characters. This limit is now 512 bytes for player messages and 2048 for plugins.

News Feed
Before on the left, after on the right. The old news feed was created separately from the rest of the game's menus, so it didn't match the UI scale or your custom theming. All of the UI is finally unified under one roof!

New Outfits
With Halloween on the horizon, six new outfits have been accepted from the Curated Workshop into the Stockpile:

Autumn Comforts Bundle by Basil Cat and NSTM
Beekeeper Bundle by biedaktokox
Executioner Bundle by WalnuT_Orion and sympathizer
Goth Bundle by FlodotelitoKifo and Emizip
Untombed Pharaoh Bundle by SirAdy and Animatic
Wandering Wizard Bundle by Timo987

Behind the Scenes

Item descriptions, multi-line text chat, and the main menu news feed all have one thing in common: Their size depends on the amount of content. It may seem silly, but Unturned could not automatically adjust the UI layout according to content size until this update. If you're interested in more details, please check out this documentation link:

Glazier support for IMGUI, uGUI, and UI Toolkit[docs.smartlydressedgames.com]

A button to mute text chat per player has been added to the player list in further response to concerns raised about multiplayer toxicity earlier this year. Additionally, voice and text blocks are now saved between sessions to your Steam Cloud.

Spawn tables should be much nicer to work with. Their asset files can use the newer list format, eliminating the tedious index-based keys. They fully support GUIDs to reduce conflicts (even if the target type, like items, doesn't support GUIDs yet). Failed spawns provide additional context in what triggered them.

Before this update, your NPC dialogue choices were sent to the server for NPC logic, but the UI relied on locally predicting the following message and response. Over the years, this caused a few issues, like broken interactions if the server rejected your choice or relied on a randomized value (e.g., dialogue-driven spawns in custom modes). Dialogue has been rewritten so that the server has complete control over the flow of events, fixing these problems and introducing new possibilities.

Unturned has gradually gotten better at enforcing file integrity in multiplayer, preventing a variety of easy cheats related to modifying assets. A more complicated case involved replacing the Unity player's resource/scene files to override assets not yet stored in asset bundles, like skin and hair. With this update, those Unity files are now protected as well.

  • UI_Requirements option enables more complex quests with multiple stages rather than showing all the steps upfront.
  • Considering farmables are often repurposed as item-generating machines, Rain_Affects_Growth and Harvest_Rewards options make them less plant-like and allow non-item uses, e.g., to unlock a door.


  • Stat values in all item descriptions, and Use_Auto_Stat_Descriptions [bool] item option to turn off.
  • Autumn Comforts, Beekeeper, Executioner, Goth, Pharaoh, and Wandering Wizard bundles from the Curated Workshop.
  • Left_Handed_Characters_Mirror_Equipable [bool] option for text items like Buak maps. Defaults to true.
  • UI_Requirements option for quest conditions to hide certain steps until other steps are complete.
  • Barricade_Wall build type for barricades without interactive function.
  • Support for the newer dat list format and GUID references in spawn table assets.
  • ThirdPerson_Zoom [float] property for scopes. Defaults to 1.25.
  • "-TimeOverlay" command-line flag to show seconds since startup under FPS in upper-left.
  • "-LogSpawnTablesAfterLoadingLevel" command-line flag to log all spawn chances.
  • Player list button to mute text chat messages per-player.
  • Rain_Affects_Growth [bool] and Harvest_Rewards options for farmable items.
  • NPC Global Event Messenger component for mods.
  • Override Relevant Distance option for Effect Spawner component.
  • Optional integration with Unity's newer UI system: UI Elements / UI Toolkit.
  • Player_Life_Health NPC reward type.
  • Per-player voice and text chat mute is saved between sessions.
  • Text chat (finally) supports more than two lines per message. Raised player-sendable length from 127 to 512.
  • Converted main menu featured workshop and news feed to same UI system as the rest of the game.
  • Pressing camera focus hotkey in volumes editor with nothing selected returns near to world origin.
  • Effects support replication using quaternion for rotation rather than forward vector.
  • Unity scene and resources files are included in multiplayer hash validation.
  • Character preview adjusts render target resolution to match on-screen size.
  • NPC dialogue tree is no longer locally predicted.
  • Updated from Unity 2020.3.38 to 2021.3.29.
  • Pressing item hotkeys while mouse is visible outside inventory menu unbinding them. [Thanks Ankumo!]
  • Hide mute button for yourself on the player list. [Thanks Matqyou!]
  • Hide selected item hotkey hint for primary/secondary weapons in inventory. [Thanks Spebby!]
  • 3D hitmarkers not showing multiple when spraying full-auto. [Thanks Pickle Burger!]
  • Potential cause of non-registering hits immediately after equipping melee. [Thanks P9nda!]
  • Default terrain texture tiling size when unreadable. [Thanks DiFFoZ!]
  • Clamp volume scale to +/- 100km to avoid some physics problems. [Thanks AdamDN!]
  • Heightmap brush sometimes destroying terrain. [Thanks Romelete, DanielWillett, and AdamDN!]
  • Hostile animals not playing startle animation upon detecting a player. [Thanks DerpyHoowes!]
  • Gun/turret event hooks OnShotFired not invoking on server. [Thanks ZoliWorks!]
  • Transport failure breaking disconnect partway through workshop/assets/level loading. [Thanks DiFFoZ and kezaspr!]
  • Aim animation speed not changing properly with attachments. [Thanks Wyvernaed!]
  • Unable to create new assets using the spawn tables editor. [Thanks Jdance!]
  • More potential fixes to spaghetti-patches of pathfinding code. [Thanks DiFFoZ!]
  • Include attack interval in animal eat/glance animation delay. [Thanks Gamingtoday093!]
  • Civilian nightvision grayscale effect not applying to dual-render scope. [Thanks dug!]
  • Repeatedly generating GUID for asset when unable to parse GUID. [Thanks LocoCZ!]
  • Dead bodies blocking interactable doors. [Thanks Twddisco!]
  • Exception if nightvision property was added to saved glasses. [Thanks Barinnf!]
  • An exploit related to NPC dialogue. [Thanks Liebesleid!]
  • Unknown session response kick when server Steam ID changed. [Thanks sunnamed434 and DiFFoZ!]
  • NPC conditions/rewards not applying for repair or ammo crafting. [Thanks iBowie!]
  • Level loading null reference exception if forageable bush was missing Forage object.
  • PEI civilian vehicle spawn table not spawning rally cars properly.
]]> Patch Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/401/323111-patch-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/401/323111-patch-notes/ Fri, 28 Jul 2023 23:11 CEST
  • Reverted addition of kill volumes inside some vanilla boulders.
]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/400/323110-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/400/323110-update-notes/ Fri, 28 Jul 2023 20:36 CEST Changed
  • Show message when trying to join WAN address without Internet available.
  • Placed kill volumes inside some vanilla boulders.
  • Raised SNS timeout from 10s to 30s to potentially help servers experiencing spikes of traffic.
  • Potential fix to zombie path not released error. [Thanks DiFFoZ!]
  • Changed Scalar magazine rarity from Epic to Rare. [Thanks Naamell8!]
  • Disabled workshop file setting ignored if response is received after initial startup. [Thanks Blaze!]
  • Prevent using style and align tags in server listing description. [Thanks ItsRodrigoAl!]
  • Converting UTC time in dat files to local time.
  • Asset validation for non-readable object navmesh not checking child components.
  • Asset validation log for quest condition resetting None status.
]]> Patch Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/399/323101-patch-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/399/323101-patch-notes/ Thu, 13 Jul 2023 19:22 CEST Changelog
  • Command-line "-LogBadMessages" option to help check for invalid network messages.
  • Moved scythe cosmetic animation further back from character. [Thanks Toothy Deerryte!]
  • Potential cause of workshop mods not loading on startup sometimes.
  • Live config problem with byte order mark.
]]> Update Notes - Buak https://unturned-servers.net/blog/398/323100-update-notes-buak/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/398/323100-update-notes-buak/ Fri, 07 Jul 2023 19:07 CEST

A large island of small mountain towns, secrets, and spooks. The Turned are tough and certain animals don't like it when you get too close. A mix of Russia, PEI, and Arid, but with its own unique twist on many aspects of gameplay. The island contains multiple forest biomes, no military presence, and rare to find guns and supplies. Buak is heavily aimed towards singleplayer, co-op, and PVE playstyles and contains over 2,000 items to discover and use. Some of these are items that redefine the conventional vanilla systems of building with extra room to decorate, and much more. There’s a blueprint system, learn item recipes permanently to be able to craft them in the future!

Buak takes inspiration from Unturned Classic (2.0), the many scrapped ideas and designs of 3.0, as well as the concepts of Unturned II (4.0).

A lot of conventional things in Vanilla Unturned may have been abandoned on Buak, from freeform buildables to building on vehicles; You'll have to seek out the alternatives provided. All items, animals, resources, and objects are also entirely custom and may not work as intended when mixed with other mods/maps.

Some suggestions for gameplay: The map is best played without any other mods and in Normal mode or above, as Easy mode removes many mechanics.

Watch the Buak Trailer Here

Note: Buak is significantly more dense with detail than prior curated maps. Instead of compromising on this detail level, the Level Batching Update earlier this year was originally developed to help optimize Buak. That being said, lowering the max draw distance and landmarks when playing Buak will raise the performance quite a bit because the game can then cull more details.

To host a server running the map add its workshop file ID (3000549606) to the File_IDs list in WorkshopDownloadConfig.json, and set the map to "Buak" (without quotes) in Commands.dat.

For the first time rather than playtime drops, you can craft a random new limited item from Menu > Survivors > Inventory > Crafting. The items are permanent, but the ability to craft them will only be available for two weeks during the release event.

This project was created by Toothy Deerryte, staswalle, Paulfest, and Witness Protection. If you enjoy the map and would like to support them, consider checking out the box or bundles on the Stockpile:

Buak Map Mystery Box
Buak Map Bundle
Buak Friendship Bundle

Other links:

Starter Guide
ID List
Cosmetics Showcase Video

9th Anniversary on Steam

Today marks nine years since Unturned 2.0 first launched into Early Access on Steam. Thank you to everyone in the Unturned community for your support and creativity through another great year! With each individual update it can be hard to see how the game is changing and improving, but looking back over the years it's wild to realize how much has happened.

Firefighter Zombie Plush

We reached the minimum order quantity, many thanks to the early backers! Makeship has extended the campaign to the 15th, so if you're interested there is still time to pick one up.

View Unturned Firefighter Zombie Plush on Makeship[www.makeship.com]
View Makeship FAQ[www.makeship.com]

Vanilla Changelog

  • Improved how zombies with multiple special attacks randomize their choices.
  • Germany civilian ammo spawning 1911 magazines rather than Ace magazines. [Thanks Naamell8!]
  • Reloading vanilla assets with /reload command failing due to legacy IDs in reserved range.
]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/397/32390-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/397/32390-update-notes/ Fri, 16 Jun 2023 18:03 CEST Changelog
  • GrantDelaySeconds option for NPC rewards.
  • PlayerKnowsNameFlagID option to replace NPC name with ??? until introduced.
  • Load asset bundles with same name and redirect if loading fails.
  • Removed bone influences setting, default is now four.
  • Shoulder and elbow bone blend weights. [Thanks many animators in the community!]
  • Typo in Feather Hoodie description. [Thanks Bautobrodo!]
  • Grenade assuming box collider is present. [Thanks Spebby!]
  • Airplane propeller partial transparency while not driven. [Thanks Toothy Deerryte!]
  • Shirt/pants metallic texture Smoothness missing from combined clothing shader. [Thanks Renaxon!]
  • Several item rarity colors in crafting list. [Thanks MoltonMontro!]
  • Different behavior of GC cleanup and unloading unused assets after loading rewrite. [Thanks Wyvernaed and CyberAndrii!]
  • Potentially fixed using numpad enter in text fields. [Thanks Strilyx and MoltonMontro!]
  • Picking up items from ground into storage bypassing max item count. [Thanks Lyhme!]
  • Zombie special attacks damaging barricades, structures, and vehicles when targeting is disabled. [Thanks P9nda!]
  • Loading error if a script on an effect threw an exception while pre-populating effect pool.
Firefighter Zombie Plush

We have collaborated with Makeship to bring the Firefighter Zombie to life in the form of a limited-edition collectible plush toy!

You can order this lovable monster from the Makeship campaign here:

View Unturned Firefighter Zombie Plush on Makeship[www.makeship.com]

To produce them we need to reach the funding goal of 200 orders before the campaign ends on July 8th. Everyone will be refunded if the 200 mark is not achieved.

View Makeship FAQ[www.makeship.com]]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/396/32380-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/396/32380-update-notes/ Fri, 02 Jun 2023 19:07 CEST Changelog
  • Stopped audio cutting off after original timer expired. [Thanks Toothy Deerryte and Jarshoowa!]
  • Docs link in workshop menu not pointing at new docs site. [Thanks Kopfstroh!]
  • Festive Toque overly aggressive culling distance. [Thanks Matqyou!]
  • Exception if gun properties were specified for non-gun NPC item reward. [Thanks P9nda!]
  • Incorrect write permission denied error for workshop submission on Mac and Linux. [Thanks CyberAndrii!]
  • Inconsistent labeling in Options menu. [Thanks ItsRodrigoAl!]
  • Near-zero and near-one bone blend weights on a few vertices of character model. [Thanks FJleKSS!]
]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/395/32370-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/395/32370-update-notes/ Fri, 26 May 2023 18:07 CEST Changelog
  • New animated hitmarkers and option to use non-animated style.
  • Accurate range markers on vanilla scopes.
  • Craftable Progress Pride flag jersey and pin available during Pride Month event.
  • Transparency option for crosshair, hitmarker, and critical hitmarker colors.
  • Accepted Artist, Hooligan, and Lime Tracksuit bundles into Stockpile.
  • Multi-threaded asset loading with additional information on the loading screen.
  • Transparency option for crosshair and hitmarkers.
  • SpotLight_Enabled option for melee, tactical, and headlamp items.
  • Allow_Lobby_Groups server config option.
  • Windows dedicated server intercepts quit handler to save+shutdown when closed.
  • Replaced Ballistic_Drop gun property with Bullet_Gravity_Multiplier.
  • Removed Recoil_Aim gun property.
  • Searching crafting list by name can show results without any available items.
  • Redact certain hate speech regardless of profanity filter setting.
  • Stop inspect and equip audio clips when the item is dequipped.
  • Removed peripheral integrations. (e.g. long-disabled Discord integration and RGB keyboard integration)
  • Replaced 2D cosmetic icons with 3D preview icons.
  • Your own bullet impact audio is slightly audible regardless of distance to provide more hit feedback.
  • Track kills on weapons with Shared_Skin_Lookup_ID. [Thanks NickSkunk!]
  • Phantox Timberwolf albedo and emission textures flipped. [Thanks Semidvista!]
  • Prevent resetting gun's fire delay by clicking again. [Thanks DerEnte!]
  • Enable HUD during red flinch overlay similar to flashbangs. [Thanks Renaxon!]
  • Miscolored roll bar on colored offroaders. [Thanks Alex!]
  • Sentry gun spread/misses not properly using aim direction. [Thanks PiggySvK!]
  • Clamp terrain cut brush radius to work around an engine crash. [Thanks DanielWillett!]
  • Terrain material brush pixel average mode not working. [Thanks DanielWillett!]
  • NPC passive pose resetting when unloaded. [Thanks Toothy Deerryte!]
  • Items in nearby inventory incorrectly removed when a non-visible item is removed. [Thanks Joko!]
  • Using lobby to bypass group member limit. [Thanks Semidvista!]
  • Potential exploit to load assemblies from assets. [Thanks CyberAndrii!]
  • Sync pending visibility changes when baking navmesh. [Thanks Toothy Deerryte!]
  • Arrow tracers getting immediately destroyed. [Thanks Toothy Deerryte!]
  • Ignore asset paths less than 2 characters as a workaround for material palette assets missing closing list bracket.
  • Not applying framerate and vsync limits at startup.
  • Fail loading of animal assets missing required game objects.
Scope Distance Markers

This doesn't make sniping easier, rather it raises the skill ceiling by giving distance estimation more use and removing scoped recoil reduction.

Before this update the markings on scopes were arbitrary whereas now they are adjusted to account for your field of view, the gun's muzzle velocity, the level's gravity, and your unit system preference.

Modders can update custom scopes to use these new features, for more details:

Sight Distance Marker Documentation[docs.smartlydressedgames.com]

Asset Loading

The real meat and potatoes of this update: startup loading should now be faster for most players. On average it's about twice as fast.

Previously all of the asset loading was done on the main thread. Now the vanilla content and each installed mod is assigned two threads: one to search for files, and the other to read and parse them into memory (building on the asset parsing rewrite from the last update). This leaves the main thread to focus exclusively on pairing game data with the assets loaded from asset bundles.

The majority of the main thread time is spent loading from asset bundles now. This step has to be done on the main thread, and unfortunately synchronous vs asynchronous loading doesn't make a difference here. In the future deferring some of this loading to as-needed async loading will cut down on startup time at the cost of slight delays, for example async loading a hat only when it's equipped.

Closing Windows Server

Kind of ridiculous to proclaim a minor change with fanfare and an image in the update notes, but as a PSA: clicking the Close button of the Windows dedicated server should no longer be a tragic mistake.

Previously this immediately terminated the server process without giving the game a chance to save, so misclicking the Close button could result in lost progress. Now the game intercepts this event and tries to save+shutdown while sleeping the Windows routine. Using the regular shutdown command is still recommended however because by default Windows only allows up to 5 seconds before the server will be closed regardless.

]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/394/32360-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/394/32360-update-notes/ Fri, 14 Apr 2023 18:42 CEST Changelog
  • Rewrote .dat/.asset parsing and made distinction between "v1" and "v2" assets irrelevant.
  • Removed April Fools' terrain materials because they were widely reported as annoying.
  • Temporarily ban players kicked by BattlEye for 60 seconds. [Thanks Alex!]
  • Potential workaround for reaching audio channel limit while loading. [Thanks Animatic!]
  • Infinite loop if animated NPC dialogue was missing a closing angle bracket. [Thanks NSTM and Dug!]
  • Blowtorch LOD1 incorrect UVs. [Thanks ItsRodrigoAl!]
  • Respawn button disabled label out of sync. [Thanks ItsRodrigoAl!]
  • Outdoors skill description missing increased drops. [Thanks P9nda!]
  • Shared_Skin_Lookup_ID not working with ragdoll effect or kill counter. [Thanks NickSkunk!]
Asset Parsing Rewrite

Previously there were separate code paths and file formats for older and newer assets. This has been rewritten into a unified code path and unified file format. It doesn't sound particularly exciting, but there will be a variety of future benefits, and in the meantime:
  • Modding is a bit easier without the separation between "v1" and "v2" assets, and now with better error messages.
  • Parsing asset files is a bit faster. Rather than copying the entire file in memory multiple times it is parsed+hashed as it is read.
  • Cleaned up significant "technical debt".
  • All of the new code is unit-tested to help avoid accidental bugs.
View Merged v1/v2 Asset Documentation[docs.smartlydressedgames.com]
View Data File Format Documentation[docs.smartlydressedgames.com]

New Modding Documentation Site

Molt has recently finished upgrading all of the documentation for a dedicated Unturned docs website. It is still a work-in-progress, but already has a much better UX / UI, built-in search functionality, offline downloads, and the option to switch between release (stable) and preview (latest) documentation. The new docs are written in reStructuredText, built with Sphinx, and hosted by Read the Docs.

View Documentation Site[docs.smartlydressedgames.com]

Antarctica Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/393/antarctica-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/393/antarctica-update-notes/ Sat, 01 Apr 2023 18:07 CEST

Antarctica- the newest map by Renaxon, danaby2, Animatic, clue and Timo987, has released.
... The final frontier in terms of tough, legitimately survival based mechanics is ready to be explored and conquered.
Featuring every single item in the game, every single crafting recipe, and all the hardcore classic methods of survival you've come to love.

A seriously harsh, desolate, and uncharacteristically detailed landmass, Antarctica is an Insane sized map- 4x bigger than the Russia map, and 16x bigger than the Yukon.

Included in Antarctica, is the most detailed depiction of wilderness Unturned has ever seen. You'll want to watch your back for packs of this fierce land's defenders.

Also included, is a revised radiation and immunity system. Due to a severely changed world, the air on Antarctica is toxic. Maybe a smarter survivor out there could help find a cure...

Now, stop reading, and get going.
It can't explore itself.

Watch the Antarctica Trailer Here

To host a server running the map add its workshop file ID (2954631626) to the File_IDs list in WorkshopDownloadConfig.json, and set the map to "Antarctica" (without quotes) in Commands.dat.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/392/32350-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/392/32350-update-notes/ Fri, 31 Mar 2023 17:54 CEST Changelog:
  • Compare workshop file timestamps when joining server instead of asset bundle hashes.
  • LogMemoryUsage command for server owners to get a high-level view of what exists on the server.
  • Tracked quest title in HUD too short for some non-English characters. [Thanks nemukopic!]
  • Pegasus Empire skin incorrect attachment color. [Thanks Yadaven!]
]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/391/32340-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/391/32340-update-notes/ Fri, 24 Mar 2023 21:09 CET Changelog:
  • Gameplay config for third-person recoil and spread multipliers.
  • Holding primary/secondary input will start item action as soon as possible.
  • Allow bulk-reassigning material index/palette in editor.
  • Ambient audio never playing if audio channel limit was reached during load.
  • Exception when loading culling volumes on dedicated server.
  • Garbage generated on server when filtering relevant connections for RPCs.
  • Placeholder partial fix for spamming shoot inputs, however rate of fire is still lower than full auto.
  • Item drops falling through narrow gaps when using raycast rather than spherecast. [Thanks Ghosticollis!]
  • Vertical alignment of Masterkey when aiming. [Thanks MediumPlayer!]
  • Remove warning for objects with legacy ID now that it is unused. [Thanks LocoCZ!]
  • Valentines quest condition was applied to wrong secret admirer note dialogue. [Thanks GG_Gabr!]
  • Miscellaneous Washington visual fixes. [Thanks AdamDN and Firecynical!]
  • Missing distance check for barricade/structure salvage. [Thanks Ghosticollis!]
  • Zombie detection radius while prone was too low for the newer collision. [Thanks JimmyDeluxe0 and Ms.Yawhaw!]
Third-Person Recoil and Spread Configurable:

When the third-person recoil and spread debuffs were added there was a lot of debate about making them configurable versus keeping the game experience more consistent between servers. The configurability argument is that the game should be as moddable as possible to encourage creativity and enable players to do whatever they find most fun, whereas the consistency argument is that it is confusing and disorienting to run into wildly different movement, gunplay, difficulty, etc. on every server.

2x recoil and spread in third-person is the intended vanilla experience. By requiring it for a while it became the consistent baseline, preventing reactionary servers from immediately disabling the change. (Unlike the movement changes which many servers immediately reverted.) Now that it has been the default, servers can choose to customize and raise and lower the multipliers as they see fit.

Was this a good approach? We will see where it might make sense with future gameplay changes.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/390/32330-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/390/32330-update-notes/ Fri, 03 Mar 2023 19:03 CET Changelog:Added
  • Arid Scout and Tourist cosmetic bundles.
  • Always_Spawn_Full [bool] option for fuel items.
  • Affected_By_Agriculture_Skill [bool] option for farmable items.
  • Teleporting causes a complete culling volume update immediately rather than time-slicing.
  • Limit max horde beacon item drops to 256. Previously a misconfigured drops multiplier could overwhelm the game.
  • Prevent using single quote ' and double quote " when stricter built-in name filter is enabled.
  • Support NPC hint reward in multiplayer.
  • Discard loaded barricades if type has changed to avoid savedata compatibility problems. [Thanks Jdance-Media and joeymisfit!]
  • Exclude uninitialized objects from level save, for example volume components inside Unity prefabs.
  • Rubble hit collider can be any depth, not just direct children.
  • Exception/kick when walking into a just-destroyed vehicle. [Thanks warren39 and DiFFoZ!]
  • Barricades on surface of vehicle not working with child explosion armor multiplier. [Thanks Molt!]
  • Flickering textures on atlassed meshes with original UVs exactly at 0.0 or 1.0. [Thanks AdamDN!]
Arid Update:

The developers of Arid have added two new locations, new items, vehicles, quests, and improvements to the progression, balance, performance, and more!

To host a server running the map add its workshop file ID (2683620106) to the File_IDs list in WorkshopDownloadConfig.json, and set the map to Arid in Commands.dat.

This project was created by Renaxon, dug, danaby2, and clue. If you enjoy the map and would like to support them, consider checking out the new Scout and Tourist bundles on the Stockpile:
Arid Scout Bundle
Arid Tourist Bundle]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/389/32320-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/389/32320-update-notes/ Fri, 17 Feb 2023 18:07 CET Changelog:Added
  • Option to use the classic crosshair shape.
  • "Manual Object Culling" volume type which replaces/improves old per-object-asset LOD area settings.
  • Instantiated_Item_Name_Override and Instantiated_Attachment_Name_Override options to simplify workarounds for animation component.
  • Exclude_From_Culling_Volumes [bool] option for objects.
  • Exclude_From_Level_Batching [bool] option for objects and trees.
  • "-DisableCullingVolumes" command-line flag. Not recommended.
  • "-UseLevelBatching=true/false" command-line option.
  • Valentine's day holiday condition for secret admirer note quest on Liberator.
  • Per-location option to hide from map UI.
  • Improved and re-enabled batching of level objects and trees.
  • Assets with duplicate guid are now skipped during registration rather than assigning a new guid.
  • Use same collision height (2 meters) for all zombie types.
  • Slightly increase zombie vertical attack range by 0.1 meter.
  • Slide while standing on zombie's/animal's head.
  • Allow masks to work as underwater breathing apparatus with backpack.
  • Semi-auto repairing melee items play an impact sound.
  • Terrain tool weight target option can be used with auto foundation option.
  • Stereo not *playing* the tracks not installed on the server, rendering the change in the previous update pointless. [Thanks Timmy!]
  • Teleport animals that fall out of the map to a valid spawnpoint. [Thanks Toothy Deerryte!]
  • Pooled effects getting prematurely destroyed. [Thanks Gamingtoday093!]
  • Transparent pixels in supersampled screenshots. [Thanks Tiway!]
  • Some inconsistent skin/cosmetic emissive intensity values. [Thanks diddlyono!]
  • Animal collider not getting disabled on server. [Thanks surv0013!]
  • Misaligned UVs on player/zombie ragdoll neck. [Thanks Toothy Deerryte!]
  • Extremely small network positions off by one. [Thanks Gamingtoday093!]
  • Some inconsistencies when enabling/disabling crosshair. [Thanks KarmaWSYD!]
  • Interior culling size of several objects.
  • Loading screen not appearing between clicking exit and reaching the main menu.
  • Legacy airdrop/location node conversion not assigning instance ID.
Batching performance improvements:

This update should bring a noticeable performance increase on vanilla maps, and curated/modded maps too if/when the map creators opt-in. There was a similar update several years ago, but it had to be disabled because it used too much memory (RAM) for some players - actually reducing performance and/or crashing. According to the Steam hardware survey ~96% of players have 8+ GB of RAM now, so with some useful improvements it has been re-enabled. As a precaution it can be disabled by default on the backend if the update goes poorly, and you can disable it with this command-line option if necessary: -UseLevelBatching=false

For more information there are two new articles intended for map developers:

Level Batching[github.com]
Manual Object Culling[github.com]

]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/388/32310-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/388/32310-update-notes/ Fri, 27 Jan 2023 18:08 CET Changelog:
  • Option to use custom sized crosshair rather than size calculated from spread.
  • "-DisableLightLODs" command-line flag. Not recommended.
  • Delete_After_Filling_Target [bool] option for fuel items.
  • SalvageItem [guid] option for placeable items when picked up below 100% health.
  • Min_Items_Dropped_On_Destroy, Max_Items_Dropped_On_Destroy, and Item_Dropped_On_Destroy options for placeable items.
  • Terrain_Test_Height option for housing floors, defaults to 10. (max height above terrain)
  • Destroy_Clothing_Colliders [bool] option for clothes, Destroy_Attachment_Colliders [bool] option for attachments, and Destroy_Item_Colliders [bool] option for items. Defaults to true. Previously only root colliders were destroyed, but in this update child colliders are destroyed as well following low performance reports of mods with complex colliders on item prefabs. These options exists for mods which relied on child colliders (not recommended).
  • Scale_Aim_Animation_Speed [bool] option for guns. If true, Aim_Start and Aim_Stop animations are scaled according to aim duration. Defaults to true.
  • Laser_Color option for tactical laser.
  • Main menu links to support site and preview branch changelog.
  • Zombies block player movement again. (finally!)
  • Stereo tracks list allow songs not installed on the server.
  • Holiday condition supports Not_Equal comparison.
  • Adjusted wording of pause menu respawn button.
  • Support multiple workshop file IDs in AssetBundleCustomData.
  • Log state of player in queue during transport failure.
  • Better logging for custom modules to aid troubleshooting.
  • Updated missing object and tree kicks to newer asset integrity used by foliage.
  • Prevent viewmodel springs exploding at very low framerates.
  • Case where logging exception could throw another exception.
  • Stuck if EffectSpawner component was triggered while loading level.
  • Nodes editor unable to select empty named locations in IMGUI mode.
  • Fishing rod collision detection error logged when bobber started floating.
  • Clamp server Timeout_Queue_Seconds lower than client timeout.
  • Not tracking kill counter progress when quitting rather than exiting to menu.
  • Copy/pasting scale in volumes editor.
  • Vanilla ban command IP ban was using old net transport code.
  • Objects with visibility conditions using quest GUID.
  • Disable vehicle exhaust when all particle systems are finished.
  • Incorrectly smooth normals on edge of Hangar #1 roof.
  • Discolored wall in Mechanic #2 back room.
  • Holding salvage key not resetting on death.
  • Disable anonymous WAN IP check when joining through LAN server list.
  • Weapons applying bleed/bone/food/water/virus/hallucination damage in safezone.
  • Prevent attaching roofs to top of ramparts.
  • Match mannequin placement arrow direction to other barricades like signs.
  • Mannequin pose button getting out of sync with actual pose when rate limited.
  • Server ignores using vehicle horn if audio clip is missing, can override with Has_Horn true.
  • Blowing yourself up no longer counts as a kill stat.
  • Prevent bed placement inside kill volume.
Behind the scenes:

I consider myself fortunate to have such a helpful community where many players are willing to help others on Steam Discussions, Discord, the subreddit, the forum, etc. I've always offered direct email support, but I don't think I could have kept up if it weren't for all the questions being answered and issues being solved by members of the community. Many thanks and a big shoutout to everyone involved!

Over the past couple years I've noticed the volume of support emails rising, perhaps from the higher number of players. This has gradually increased the amount of time required, and reduced time for development. In order to both improve the support process and free up time for gamedev the New Support Website[support.smartlydressedgames.com] was my main focus earlier this month. There are some issues and questions that come up repeatedly, so my goal is to provide official articles and guides that go more in-depth than I could over email. My hope is these will be easier to find, more helpful, and serve as a resource for community helpers too! For anything not covered, there is a new user-friendly ticket form replacing the old email.

This update was primarily focused on catching up with some backlogged fixes and improvements. I'm not quite finished catching up yet, but wanted to get the ready-to-go stuff released considering it has been a while since the last update.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/387/322210-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/387/322210-update-notes/ Fri, 16 Dec 2022 18:53 CET

A medium+ sized map set in northern Eurasia featuring high location density, a wider progression system with less reliance on RNG, plenty of unique experiences via quests, over 600 items, and an awesome looking bridge (two, in fact). With its fast paced design (inspired by Elver & Washington) and informative item descriptions, it's easy for anyone to pick up, learn and enjoy.

Watch the A6 Polaris Trailer Here

To host a server running the map add its workshop file ID (2898548949) to the File_IDs list in WorkshopDownloadConfig.json, and set the map to "A6 Polaris" (without quotes) in Commands.dat.

For the next two weeks a variety of exclusive new free items will be dropping:

This project was created by danaby2, Renaxon and LVOmega. If you enjoy the map and would like to support them, consider checking out the box or bundle on the Stockpile:

A6 Polaris Map Mystery Box
A6 Polaris Map Bundle

Other links:

ID List & Crafting Guide
Troubleshooting & Modding Info
Bug Reports
YouTube Playlist
Credits]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/386/322200-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/386/322200-update-notes/ Fri, 09 Dec 2022 18:20 CET A6 Polaris Teaser:

Watch the trailer for danaby2's upcoming curated map "A6 Polaris" releasing next Friday!


  • Spread_Angle_Degrees gun option replacing Spread_Hip.
  • Aim_In_Duration gun option. Old hardcoded default was 0.2 seconds. Vanilla guns have been tweaked +/- 50ms on average.
  • Aim_Duration_Multiplier gun attachment option. Large vanilla magazines reduce aiming speed.
  • Damage_Falloff_Max_Range option for falloff to finish closer than the total max range.
  • Plugin option to hide center dot and disable reputation change notification.
  • Separate messaging and auto-shutdown for update rollbacks.
  • Is_Music bool option for effect asset used in ambiance volumes.
  • Support for warning if there is a large discrepancy between server listing and actual in-game ping.
  • Crosshair follows recoil similar to laser and better represents actual spread.
  • Prevent joining servers without GSLT over the internet. LAN servers are unaffected.
  • Servers with unspecified monetization (servers with purchasable gameplay advantages) are no longer included in the Internet list when searching without a name filter.
  • Trees can override their appearance on the 2D chart similar to objects.
  • Item condition supports comparison other than >=.
  • Improved how viewmodel camera is automatically aligned with gun sights.
  • Pressing enter in IP field shows loopback/LAN info, and with a ":port" moves port to the port field.
  • Gun spread is finally circular rather than square.
  • Clear volume selection when changing tool.
  • Selecting quests in quest list when a quest asset was missing.
  • Foliage tool performance while not painting with large brush.
  • Potential nodes editor bug with IMGUI mode.
  • Volume solid visualization visible in satellite capture.
  • Collision at rear of destroyed ural object.
  • Alignment of volumes tab and objects list.
  • Not timing out when server did not respond to join request.
Server Changes:

Refreshing the Internet server list without a name filter will only show non-monetized and non-gameplay-monetization servers now. As a reminder: servers selling gameplay advantages should not categorize themselves as non-monetized / non-gameplay-monetization. Examples of gameplay advantages include weapons, vehicles, experience, admin commands, progression skips, etc. The goal is to help promote discoverability of non-pay-to-win (P2W) servers for new players.

Last year setting a Game Server Login Token (GSLT) became a requirement for listing on the Internet server list. This has now become a requirement for direct connection as well. The goal is to help with moderation of servers re-uploading other creators' workshop files without permission.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/385/322190-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/385/322190-update-notes/ Fri, 11 Nov 2022 18:25 CET Changelog:
  • All effect, dialogue, quest, and vendor references support guids.
  • Asphyxiating status icon while in non-breathable area.
  • Max Boss Zombies per-navmesh option.
  • Per-dialogue-message option to change NPC face.
  • Removed devkit editor and its related unused systems.
  • Moved decal visibility into regular editor visibility tab.
  • Partially upgraded Nodes editor similar to Volumes and re-categorized devkit spawnpoint as node.
  • Moved devkit object material overrides into Objects editor.
  • Item Equip sound is redirectable with EquipAudioClip option.
  • Server logs when client requests graceful disconnect.
  • Slightly improved "spy" capture performance.
  • Several exploits to remove grass and terrain materials.
  • Twised start of road mesh with "ignore terrain" enabled.
  • Another bug with planar reflections with multiple water volumes.
  • Leaking foliage cuts when floors were destroyed.
  • Pressing rotate item while not dragging item still playing audio.
  • Lockpicks, tires, and batteries being removed if another player enters vehicle while using.
  • Round scale to -1 or +1 if nearly equal to help reduce slight misalignments between objects.
  • Round rotation angles if nearly axis aligned to help reduce slight misalignments between objects. For example 89.99 rounds to 90.

Most effect and NPC features did not yet support guids, instead relying on the old 16-bit ids. Now anywhere that a 16-bit effect or NPC asset id is used can also support guid instead. New and future content should use guids where possible to avoid asset id conflicts. Going through all of the related code was a rather large change, so there might be some unexpected side effects that need fixing in a patch.

Merging the last few features from the devkit into the regular editor is a big step toward improving the experience for mappers. The focus of editor updates can finally shift from fixing the "devkit vs legacy" mess to new tools, features, QoL, etc.
]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/384/322180-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/384/322180-update-notes/ Fri, 21 Oct 2022 17:45 CEST Changelog:
  • Oxygen volumes for deep caves or special underwater plants.
  • Accepted Demon of Greed, Pirate Captain, and Demon Hunter outfits from the Curated Workshop.
  • Raised minimum Grass quality from Off to Low.
  • Grass is now streamed from a worker thread which reduces the CPU performance impact.
  • Improved performance of screenshot capture with supersampling enabled.
  • Improved logging of kicks for transport failure.
  • Sentry gun shooting while paused.
  • Lobby screen breaking if plugin set description to invalid base64 string.
32-bit Windows (again):

Several updates ago in support for 32-bit Windows officially ended. This was not well communicated in game however because unless the archived 32-bit compatibility branch was installed it was combining the older build with the most recent shared/common files. In order to make this smoother for the meantime the 32-bit Windows version will stay up-to-date, but can only play singleplayer (not multiplayer), and shows an explanation on the main menu. Opting-in to the archived 32-bit compatibility branch allows hosting and playing multiplayer on the older version.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/383/322170-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/383/322170-update-notes/ Fri, 14 Oct 2022 19:44 CEST Changelog:
  • Reduced intensity of camera flinch from damage by 50%.
  • Increased explosion camera shake recovery speed by around 20%.
  • Reduced radius of explosion camera shake for most effects by around 50%.
  • Reduced screenshot player tagging distance to 64 meters.
  • Improved logging of kicks for bad connection.
  • Third-person-only servers have the third-person recoil and spread penalty disabled.
  • Foliage manager is added to level if missing when bake is clicked.
  • Startup stuck if preferences file is read-only.
  • Unable to join servers in third-person-only mode.
  • Hockey mask not equipable in hands.
  • Catch localization string format exceptions.
  • Disabled cultist outfit textures CPU read/write.
  • Outline glow appearing over laser dot.
  • Housing item mouse wheel input not blocked by UI.
  • Not saving options/graphics/controls in level editor.
  • Manually installed Maps missing from per-server asset list.
  • Accumulating error when copy/pasting transform.
]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/382/322160-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/382/322160-update-notes/ Fri, 30 Sep 2022 18:11 CEST Changelog:
  • Directional flinch when damaged.
  • Camera shake from nearby explosions.
  • Command-line "-FallbackGizmos" option to use 3D line renderers instead.
  • InventoryAudio option for drag/drop item sounds.
  • Procedurally_Animate_Inertia bool option for equipable items.
  • Zoom_Using_Eyes bool option for gun sights.
  • Equipable_Movement_Speed_Multiplier option for equipable items and gun attachments.
  • Aiming_Movement_Speed_Multiplier and Aiming_Recoil_Multiplier options for guns and gun attachments.
  • Attack_Interval option for animals (measured in seconds).
  • Support for server plugin setting item hotkeys.
  • Support for server plugin enabling voice chat while dead.
  • Command-line "-FrameRateLimit" option which overrides the menu option.
  • Command-line "-FarClipDistance" option for players who want to try reducing max draw distance below minimum.
  • Recoil and spread are doubled while using third-person perspective.
  • Improved tactical laser visibility through scopes.
  • Increased default text field length from 16 to 100.
  • Reduced bullet casing bounce volume.
  • Separated water surface visibility in editor from volume visibility option.
  • Animal damage considers player armor.
  • Include workshop file name in asset mismatch kick message if different.
  • Server description corruption with line break inside multi-byte codepoint.
  • Precision loss when repeatedly dragging transform back and forth.
  • Crafted guns with state transfer will use default firemode.
  • White surface when water volume loads with planar reflection disabled.
  • Using fertilizer on fully-grown crops.
  • Washington note showing empty line of text.
Recoil Changes:

The skill ceiling of first-person aiming has been raised by adding secondary recoil away from the center of the screen. Holographic sights and tactical lasers are the best indicator for this because they always point exactly where the shot will go. i.e., if the gun has zero spread and the laser has recoiled above the crosshair then the bullet will hit exactly where the laser marks. Third-person recoil and spread have been doubled to encourage the use of first-person aiming.

]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/381/322150-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/381/322150-update-notes/ Fri, 02 Sep 2022 17:41 CEST Changelog:
  • Ability to slightly raise/lower floor placement using mouse scroll wheel.
  • Cartography editor volume to mark chart/GPS area for non-square maps.
  • Sphere shape option for most editor volume types.
  • Newer volume editor equivalents for older volume-style editor nodes.
  • Support for multiple teleporter exits per entrance in which case a random exit is chosen.
  • Visibility button to volume type buttons in volumes editor.
  • WearAudio option for clothing items.
  • PlacementPreviewPrefab option for barricades and structures.
  • Is_Visible_In_Vendor_Menu option for currency items to hide them from vendor currency list.
  • InspectAudioDef, ImpactAudioDef, and WearAudio can now also reference AudioClip, not just OneShotAudioDefinition assets.
  • Client adjusts ID-to-asset lookup per-server to reduce multiplayer asset conflict issues.
  • Pillars can be rotated in 30 degree increments, and hold shift to rotate counter-clockwise.
  • Only screenshots without HUD visible are used on the loading screen.
  • Pick axe and jackhammer can damage regular objects and trees.
  • Minor engine patch update from 36f1 to 38f1.
  • Loading screen music not playing while in server queue.
  • Do not use screenshots greater than 10 MB on the loading screen.
  • Negative scaling not rotating objects when necessary.
  • Sprint toggle input affecting steady aim input.
  • Steam Networking debug output crash. [Thanks DiFFoZ!]
  • Object and vehicle overrides fallback to client prefab if server prefab does not exist.
  • Clouds not visible with OpenGL.
Multiplayer Workshop File Order:

In multiplayer the client now rebuilds the list of known assets according to the workshop file order specified by the server. This fixes a variety of issues like crafting recipes from mods not available on the server showing as crafting options, and ensures that mods which override each other are applied in the same order for all players.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/380/322140-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/380/322140-update-notes/ Fri, 12 Aug 2022 19:23 CEST Changelog:
  • Walls and pillars can be snapped above and below existing walls.
  • "The Bridge Where It Rains" music by staswalle on Washington loading screen.
  • Screenshot resolution multiplier and supersampling option. For example supersampling with a 4x multiplier at 1920x1080 will produce a 15360x8640 screenshot downsampled to 7680x4320.*
  • New editor for "devkit" volumes in the regular level editor.
  • Box move (double-press Q) and box resize (double-press R) transform tool modes.
  • Level editor option to disable underwater effects.
  • Customizable acceleration, deceleration and max walk speed for physics materials.
  • Enable_Participant_Scaling option for horde beacon per-item. Defaults to true.
  • InspectAudioDef option for equippable items.
  • OnGameUpdateDetected event for plugins.
  • Is_Full_Moon NPC condition.
  • Roofs no longer require pillars for placement.
  • Improved precision of triangle floor overlap test by approximating with six boxes rather than three. This helps reduce false "blocked by" warnings.
  • Hide item action if quest conditions are not met.
  • Clip.prefab is no longer necessary for trees and objects.
  • Barrels can override muzzle flash position with "Muzzle" transform.
  • Destructible objects can use tree blade ID.
  • Tweaked the placement of blue trash bags at the Seattle construction site dumpster to reduce clipping and make them easier to safely land on.
  • Adjusted chart colors of all vanilla maps, as well as how PEI boulders, Washington boulders, and Russia quest lasers appear on charts.
  • Updated icons, preview images, loading screens, charts, and satellite views of all vanilla maps.
  • Unified barricade/structure editor, regular objects editor, and volumes editor transform handles.
  • Game now handles Steam overlay screenshot requests.
  • Screenshots no longer overwrite each other and can appear on the startup loading screen.
  • Vanilla pre-placed blood decals are not loaded if blood splatters are disabled.
  • Human animation template leg roll.
  • Potential problem with per-level version kick, log when unable to parse version.
  • Housing ramp blocking pillar and wall placement two floors below.
  • Holiday items visible in stylized chart capture.
  • Effect spawn position when forageable bushes are destroyed.
  • Roads that should have been curved on Germany.
  • Spot where the road was partially covered by the terrain on Germany.
  • All of the road guardrails on the Germany map to face inwards rather than outwards.
  • Removed some boulders that were located under the map terrain on Russia.
  • Incorrect materials being used out-of-bounds on Russia.
  • Typo for the ragdroll removal tool where the item name was misspelled.
  • Icon dimensions of many cosmetics to improve the quality of their high-res icons.
Downward Building:

Houses can finally be extended downward! This is especially useful for bridging gaps like roads and rivers, or repairing foundations after a raid.

Volumes Editor:

All of the "devkit" volumes have been moved into the regular editor, and are easier to shape with the new box move and box resize tools. Subsequent updates will convert older volume types like safezones to this tool, and add other shapes like spheres.

The Bridge Where It Rains:

Washington is the second map to receive theme music by staswalle! You can hear it on the loading screen, boombox item, or his YouTube channel here:

YouTube Video Link


Special thanks to Tyler "MoltonMontro" for the map and icon tweaks and fixes!

Playtime item drops have been disabled, but may return for special events like map releases. It was not very exciting to receive the older items, and I want to eliminate any item drop farming if it exists.

This will be the final version with 32-bit Windows support. According to the Steam hardware survey 32-bit Windows is approximately 0.22% of players.

*Current supersampling implementation is a mediocre placeholder until I add supersampling as an in-game anti-aliasing option. It will be faster once that is taken care of.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/379/322130-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/379/322130-update-notes/ Fri, 15 Jul 2022 17:43 CEST Added:
  • Floors and pillars can be snapped to floating walls.
  • Requires_Pillars option for custom walls.
  • Show name of item blocking housing placement.
  • Clip.prefab is no longer necessary for barricades or vehicles.
  • NPC does not look around while under arrest or surrendering.
  • Line wrapping names in main menu character list.
  • Protect against vehicle dropping scrap items multiple times.
  • Vehicle bumper collisions ignore anything attached to vehicle.
  • Climbing ladders angled into thin walls.
  • Startup issues when IO permission to log file is blocked.
  • Placement blocked by floating walls.
  • Menu stuck when launching game through Join Friend button.
]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/378/322120-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/378/322120-update-notes/ Thu, 07 Jul 2022 18:00 CEST 8th Anniversary on Steam:
I am happy to celebrate another great year in the Unturned community! We first launched into Early Access on Steam in 2014: eight years ago today. Thank you to everyone for your longtime support and encouragement as the game continues to grow and (hopefully) improve! I consider myself incredibly fortunate and lucky to be able to focus on this project full-time for so long.


  • Housing Planner tool for quickly placing structures. [ID 1764]
  • Notification on main menu when an update is available.
  • Server option to shutdown for auto-detected game updates. (Finally, eh?)
  • Server option to shutdown for scheduled maintenance at a fixed time.
  • Grow_SpawnTable (guid) option for crops.
  • Copy to Clipboard button for error message.
  • Option to make terrain holes visible for finding gaps.
  • Terrain material icon in asset list.
  • Housing item placement is easier now that connections betweem then are tracked.
  • Roof placement requires two pillars rather than a pillar at each corner.
  • Shooting/attacking stops clientside if no inbound traffic has been received for 2 seconds.
  • Updated barricade placement on vehicle to use netids rather than index.
  • Temporarily buffed brick-material housing items from 800 to 1650 HP.
  • Many exploits for stacking housing items in the same slot.
  • Explosion damage respects zombie armor.
  • Terrain editor per-"pixel" smoothing mode near edges.
  • Whitespace-only player names with name filter disabled.
  • Reverted post processing version to work around TAA transparent field of view bug.
  • Some terrain hole gaps on Germany.
  • Wrong material on circular table barricade LOD1.
Housing Planner:

The Housing Planner lets you quickly place housing items without waiting for animations, and pick them back up much faster. It can crafted from a GPS and Rangefinder, or found as an uncommon drop at construction sites.

There are a variety of housing-related rewrites in this update which are part of a first step towards better base building. Future work in this area will include building downward, claim flags automatically covering the entire connected house, replacing the crafting system, and more!

Server Auto Restart:

Two features have been added to the server Config.json file in this update to make server maintenance without plugins easier:

Scheduled Maintenance:

Restarting approximately once per 24 hours is recommended for the meantime because most of the older code still uses 32-bit floating point time. While this is gradually being improved an option to schedule shutdown has been added.

Enable_Scheduled_Shutdown: if true the server will shutdown at the specified time.

Scheduled_Shutdown_Time: local time the server will shutdown.

Scheduled_Shutdown_Warnings: list of times before the shutdown to notify players. For example 30:00 will broadcast in chat 30 minutes before the shutdown.

Checking for Updates:

Finally! The server can monitor for updates and restart when one is detected.

Enable_Update_Shutdown: if true the server will monitor for updates.

Update_Steam_Beta_Name: defaults to "public", but can be set to "preview" for servers running on the preview branch.

Update_Shutdown_Warnings: after an update is detected the server will wait for the longest of these durations to notify players before shutdown. For example if the longest time is 2:30 the server will broadcast in chat 2 minutes and 30 seconds before the shutdown.

Practical Application:

These options are most useful in conjunction with a script that updates and restarts the server in a loop. For example this Windows .bat script can be placed in the steamcmd folder to infinitely update and restart the server:
@echo off rem @ suppresses echo command from being echoed, and then disables echoing in this script. rem This is a label for use with "goto". The script will return to this label to update and restart the server. :loop rem %~dp0 expands to the path to this script's directory, allowing it to be called from a different working directory. rem The "/wait" option pauses our script until steamcmd is finished. rem Start steamcmd, download latest version of Unturned Dedicated Server, then close cleanly. echo Updating... start "" /wait "%~dp0steamcmd.exe" +login anonymous +app_update 1110390 +quit echo Finished update! Launching server... start "" /wait "%~dp0steamappscommonU3DSUnturned.exe" -batchmode -nographics +InternetServer/MyServer echo Server has exited. Restarting after timeout... echo: echo Press CTRL+C and then Y during this timeout to cancel restart. timeout 10 rem Return to the "loop" label to update and restart the server. goto loop

Windows 32-bit Deprecation:

This will be one of the last updates with 32-bit Windows support. According to the Steam hardware survey 32-bit Windows is approximately 0.22% of players. The final update with 32-bit Windows support will be sometime in early August, and will also remain permanently available on a Steam beta branch for anyone returning to the game on a 32-bit PC.]]>
Biohazard Zombie Plush 36 Hours Left https://unturned-servers.net/blog/377/biohazard-zombie-plush-36-hours-left/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/377/biohazard-zombie-plush-36-hours-left/ Fri, 24 Jun 2022 02:10 CEST Biohazard Zombie Plush:
For anyone on the fence: this Saturday, June 25th, is the final day the Biohazard Zombie Plush is available for purchase from the Makeship campaign. Thank you to all the early customers for your interest and support reaching the funding goal!

View Unturned Biohazard Zombie Plush on Makeship[shop.makeship.com]

Steam Summer Sale:

Most bundles in the item store as well as the gold upgrade are discounted for the Steam Summer Sale! The discount is approximately 25% but varies depending on regional pricing.

View Item Store
View Gold Upgrade

Interim News:

My apologies for the unusually large gap between updates! Rest assured this is only because I am working on some (hopefully) nice improvements for the Unturned 8 years on Steam anniversary July 7th.]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/376/322110-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/376/322110-update-notes/ Fri, 03 Jun 2022 16:00 CEST

Kuwait's final update is here! The monuments on Boubyan Island have finally charged up to power the main obelisk. Play today to discover (and promptly escape) the outlands.

Watch the Kuwait Escaping Outlands Trailer Here

Read the Full Kuwait Changelog Here

To host a server running the map add its workshop file ID (2483365750) to the File_IDs list in WorkshopDownloadConfig.json, and set the map to Kuwait in Commands.dat.

Two challenging new achievements with free rare items have been added in a final questline:

For the next two weeks a variety of exclusive new free items will be dropping:

This project was created by Animatic and NSTM. If you enjoy the map and would like to support them, consider checking out their Kuwait-themed bundles on the Stockpile:

Private Eye Bundle
Mythical Palm Nights Bundle
Assorted Accessories Bundle

Watch the Escaping Outlands Cosmetics Trailer Here

These bundles from the initial launch of Kuwait are also still available:
Assorted Hats Bundle
Divine Duneman Bundle
Letterman Bundle

Watch the Original Kuwait Trailer Here
Biohazard Zombie Plush:

We have collaborated with Makeship to bring the Biohazard Zombie to life in the form of a limited-edition collectible plush toy!

You can order this lovable monster from the Makeship campaign here:

View Unturned Biohazard Zombie Plush on Makeship[shop.makeship.com]

To produce them we need to reach the funding goal of 200 orders before the campaign ends on June 24th. Everyone will be refunded if the 200 mark is not achieved.

View Makeship FAQ[www.makeship.com]
Base Game Changelog:

  • "Projection Ratio Coefficient" option for "Focal Length" sensitivity scaling.
  • Terrain editor hotkeys to switch active tab.
  • Updated Unity from 2019.4.38f1 to 2020.4.34f1.
  • Always load english text as fallback.
  • Vanilla ban command also bans player HWID.
  • Replaced placeholder equipment rate limit fix by converting item hash to the newer asset integrity system.
  • Boombox volume slider triggering rate limit kick.
  • Explain kick when server per-platform assetbundle hash is out of date.
  • Vertical alignment of font color setting.
  • Text field character limit in IMGUI mode.
]]> Update Notes https://unturned-servers.net/blog/375/322100-update-notes/ https://unturned-servers.net/blog/375/322100-update-notes/ Fri, 20 May 2022 18:00 CEST Changelog:
  • Alt hotkey to remove baked foliage with paint brush.
  • "Disable" option for sensitivity scaling mode.
  • Terrain material editor filter for only in-use materials.
  • Terrain material and foliage editor name filters.
  • Kick threshold for significantly exceeding per-RPC rate limits.
  • Separated terrain editor brush strength value for each tool.
  • Assetbundle hash is included in asset integrity check.
  • Warn if vendor vehicle spawnpoint is unset.
  • Missing vendor and reward spawnpoint for vehicle uses player position as fallback.
  • Picking up items while climbing.
  • Invalid item conditions on tracked quest breaking UI.
  • Fists use melee damage multiplier.
  • Terrain undo/redo interfering with other undo/redos.

Client-invokable RPCs already have rate limits intended to prevent wasting server processing time. There was no penalty for repeatedly hitting these rate limits however, so time could still be wasted ignoring requests. There is now a Rate_Limit_Kick_Threshold option: if the same rate limit is hit this many times within the cooldown window the client will be kicked. For example a value of 5 means the client will be kicked the 5th time it is called within the same cooldown window. The default is 10.

The server checks both individual asset integrity and Unity assetbundle integrity to prevent cheaters from modifying their files to gain an advantage. Previously it was possible to bypass this by loading a different assetbundle on a per-asset basis, for example by adding a legacy ".unity3d" assetbundle to a vanilla vehicle. Individual asset integrity checks now include the assetbundle hash as well which prevents this exploit as long as the multi-platform ".hash" file is available for the server.

Unity 2020 Preview:

Unturned is currently using Unity 2019 LTS. Upgrading to 2020 LTS seems to be stable now and fully backwards compatible with existing content. If you would like to give it a try it is on the "unity-2020" beta branch, though there are still some known issues to fix next week. Assuming there are no unexpected surprises *fingers crossed* it should be in the next update.]]>