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Posted on April 25th, 2024 03:38 PM EST
TL;DR: We’ve moved the official Unturned Wiki to! Tell us what you think on our Forum, and consider getting the Redirect browser extension!

Hey, players! A few years ago, we moved our official wiki to our own website in order to provide a better experience to both readers and volunteer editors. It’s important to us that we are always looking to provide a better, higher-quality, and more comprehensive game wiki for Unturned. We’re going on nearly 10 years worth of updates now (wow!), with even more to come.

With this in mind, we’ve partnered with the people at – a platform built by experienced developers and editors to create the best experience for gamers looking for information – to host the official Unturned Wiki.

You can now find the official Unturned Wiki at![]
Discuss the migration on our Forum.[]

What does this mean?

As the wiki continues to grow with the game, it became clear that the current wiki wasn't up-to-par. Here's some of the changes you'll notice:
  • The wiki is more focused on Unturned rather than "Smartly Dressed Games"! No more confusing categories, page names, logos, etc.
  • Switch between light and dark themes that are more closely inspired by the game and some of our other sites.
  • If you're coming from the FANDOM site, ads are significantly less intrusive, and are only for other games! For an ad-free experience, create an account.
  • Browse from your mobile device – we've made several changes to make mobile viewing a better experience, including to the main page.
  • New editors have more information about getting started! You can also join the Discord server for help.
  • Use the Redirect browser extension (for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge) to be automatically redirected to the new site. Redirect extension (Chrome)[] Redirect extension (Firefox)[] Redirect extension (Edge)[]

Eaglefire page as displayed in both the light and dark themes.

All of the up-to-date content from our old official wiki is still here – but you can help by joining the community and creating new pages or adding more information, or recommending that other players use the new wiki!

There's already a lot of information about vanilla content, but we always need more information added about all of the community-created content we've accepted into the game.

If you'd like to provide feedback, please visit the dedicated thread on our Forum! We're super excited about this migration, and we hope you'll join us on the new wiki.

Learn how to get started as a new editor![]
Join the Discord server for help.[]
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