Update Notes

Posted on March 3rd, 2023 01:03 PM EST
  • Arid Scout and Tourist cosmetic bundles.
  • Always_Spawn_Full [bool] option for fuel items.
  • Affected_By_Agriculture_Skill [bool] option for farmable items.
  • Teleporting causes a complete culling volume update immediately rather than time-slicing.
  • Limit max horde beacon item drops to 256. Previously a misconfigured drops multiplier could overwhelm the game.
  • Prevent using single quote ' and double quote " when stricter built-in name filter is enabled.
  • Support NPC hint reward in multiplayer.
  • Discard loaded barricades if type has changed to avoid savedata compatibility problems. [Thanks Jdance-Media and joeymisfit!]
  • Exclude uninitialized objects from level save, for example volume components inside Unity prefabs.
  • Rubble hit collider can be any depth, not just direct children.
  • Exception/kick when walking into a just-destroyed vehicle. [Thanks warren39 and DiFFoZ!]
  • Barricades on surface of vehicle not working with child explosion armor multiplier. [Thanks Molt!]
  • Flickering textures on atlassed meshes with original UVs exactly at 0.0 or 1.0. [Thanks AdamDN!]
Arid Update:

The developers of Arid have added two new locations, new items, vehicles, quests, and improvements to the progression, balance, performance, and more!

To host a server running the map add its workshop file ID (2683620106) to the File_IDs list in WorkshopDownloadConfig.json, and set the map to Arid in Commands.dat.

This project was created by Renaxon, dug, danaby2, and clue. If you enjoy the map and would like to support them, consider checking out the new Scout and Tourist bundles on the Stockpile:
Arid Scout Bundle
Arid Tourist Bundle
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