Update Notes

Posted on January 27th, 2023 12:08 PM EST

  • Option to use custom sized crosshair rather than size calculated from spread.
  • "-DisableLightLODs" command-line flag. Not recommended.
  • Delete_After_Filling_Target [bool] option for fuel items.
  • SalvageItem [guid] option for placeable items when picked up below 100% health.
  • Min_Items_Dropped_On_Destroy, Max_Items_Dropped_On_Destroy, and Item_Dropped_On_Destroy options for placeable items.
  • Terrain_Test_Height option for housing floors, defaults to 10. (max height above terrain)
  • Destroy_Clothing_Colliders [bool] option for clothes, Destroy_Attachment_Colliders [bool] option for attachments, and Destroy_Item_Colliders [bool] option for items. Defaults to true. Previously only root colliders were destroyed, but in this update child colliders are destroyed as well following low performance reports of mods with complex colliders on item prefabs. These options exists for mods which relied on child colliders (not recommended).
  • Scale_Aim_Animation_Speed [bool] option for guns. If true, Aim_Start and Aim_Stop animations are scaled according to aim duration. Defaults to true.
  • Laser_Color option for tactical laser.
  • Main menu links to support site and preview branch changelog.
  • Zombies block player movement again. (finally!)
  • Stereo tracks list allow songs not installed on the server.
  • Holiday condition supports Not_Equal comparison.
  • Adjusted wording of pause menu respawn button.
  • Support multiple workshop file IDs in AssetBundleCustomData.
  • Log state of player in queue during transport failure.
  • Better logging for custom modules to aid troubleshooting.
  • Updated missing object and tree kicks to newer asset integrity used by foliage.
  • Prevent viewmodel springs exploding at very low framerates.
  • Case where logging exception could throw another exception.
  • Stuck if EffectSpawner component was triggered while loading level.
  • Nodes editor unable to select empty named locations in IMGUI mode.
  • Fishing rod collision detection error logged when bobber started floating.
  • Clamp server Timeout_Queue_Seconds lower than client timeout.
  • Not tracking kill counter progress when quitting rather than exiting to menu.
  • Copy/pasting scale in volumes editor.
  • Vanilla ban command IP ban was using old net transport code.
  • Objects with visibility conditions using quest GUID.
  • Disable vehicle exhaust when all particle systems are finished.
  • Incorrectly smooth normals on edge of Hangar #1 roof.
  • Discolored wall in Mechanic #2 back room.
  • Holding salvage key not resetting on death.
  • Disable anonymous WAN IP check when joining through LAN server list.
  • Weapons applying bleed/bone/food/water/virus/hallucination damage in safezone.
  • Prevent attaching roofs to top of ramparts.
  • Match mannequin placement arrow direction to other barricades like signs.
  • Mannequin pose button getting out of sync with actual pose when rate limited.
  • Server ignores using vehicle horn if audio clip is missing, can override with Has_Horn true.
  • Blowing yourself up no longer counts as a kill stat.
  • Prevent bed placement inside kill volume.
Behind the scenes:

I consider myself fortunate to have such a helpful community where many players are willing to help others on Steam Discussions, Discord, the subreddit, the forum, etc. I've always offered direct email support, but I don't think I could have kept up if it weren't for all the questions being answered and issues being solved by members of the community. Many thanks and a big shoutout to everyone involved!

Over the past couple years I've noticed the volume of support emails rising, perhaps from the higher number of players. This has gradually increased the amount of time required, and reduced time for development. In order to both improve the support process and free up time for gamedev the New Support Website[support.smartlydressedgames.com] was my main focus earlier this month. There are some issues and questions that come up repeatedly, so my goal is to provide official articles and guides that go more in-depth than I could over email. My hope is these will be easier to find, more helpful, and serve as a resource for community helpers too! For anything not covered, there is a new user-friendly ticket form replacing the old email.

This update was primarily focused on catching up with some backlogged fixes and improvements. I'm not quite finished catching up yet, but wanted to get the ready-to-go stuff released considering it has been a while since the last update.
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