Update Notes

Posted on December 9th, 2022 12:20 PM EST
A6 Polaris Teaser:

Watch the trailer for danaby2's upcoming curated map "A6 Polaris" releasing next Friday!


  • Spread_Angle_Degrees gun option replacing Spread_Hip.
  • Aim_In_Duration gun option. Old hardcoded default was 0.2 seconds. Vanilla guns have been tweaked +/- 50ms on average.
  • Aim_Duration_Multiplier gun attachment option. Large vanilla magazines reduce aiming speed.
  • Damage_Falloff_Max_Range option for falloff to finish closer than the total max range.
  • Plugin option to hide center dot and disable reputation change notification.
  • Separate messaging and auto-shutdown for update rollbacks.
  • Is_Music bool option for effect asset used in ambiance volumes.
  • Support for warning if there is a large discrepancy between server listing and actual in-game ping.
  • Crosshair follows recoil similar to laser and better represents actual spread.
  • Prevent joining servers without GSLT over the internet. LAN servers are unaffected.
  • Servers with unspecified monetization (servers with purchasable gameplay advantages) are no longer included in the Internet list when searching without a name filter.
  • Trees can override their appearance on the 2D chart similar to objects.
  • Item condition supports comparison other than >=.
  • Improved how viewmodel camera is automatically aligned with gun sights.
  • Pressing enter in IP field shows loopback/LAN info, and with a ":port" moves port to the port field.
  • Gun spread is finally circular rather than square.
  • Clear volume selection when changing tool.
  • Selecting quests in quest list when a quest asset was missing.
  • Foliage tool performance while not painting with large brush.
  • Potential nodes editor bug with IMGUI mode.
  • Volume solid visualization visible in satellite capture.
  • Collision at rear of destroyed ural object.
  • Alignment of volumes tab and objects list.
  • Not timing out when server did not respond to join request.
Server Changes:

Refreshing the Internet server list without a name filter will only show non-monetized and non-gameplay-monetization servers now. As a reminder: servers selling gameplay advantages should not categorize themselves as non-monetized / non-gameplay-monetization. Examples of gameplay advantages include weapons, vehicles, experience, admin commands, progression skips, etc. The goal is to help promote discoverability of non-pay-to-win (P2W) servers for new players.

Last year setting a Game Server Login Token (GSLT) became a requirement for listing on the Internet server list. This has now become a requirement for direct connection as well. The goal is to help with moderation of servers re-uploading other creators' workshop files without permission.
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