Update Notes

Posted on August 12th, 2022 12:23 PM EST

  • Walls and pillars can be snapped above and below existing walls.
  • "The Bridge Where It Rains" music by staswalle on Washington loading screen.
  • Screenshot resolution multiplier and supersampling option. For example supersampling with a 4x multiplier at 1920x1080 will produce a 15360x8640 screenshot downsampled to 7680x4320.*
  • New editor for "devkit" volumes in the regular level editor.
  • Box move (double-press Q) and box resize (double-press R) transform tool modes.
  • Level editor option to disable underwater effects.
  • Customizable acceleration, deceleration and max walk speed for physics materials.
  • Enable_Participant_Scaling option for horde beacon per-item. Defaults to true.
  • InspectAudioDef option for equippable items.
  • OnGameUpdateDetected event for plugins.
  • Is_Full_Moon NPC condition.
  • Roofs no longer require pillars for placement.
  • Improved precision of triangle floor overlap test by approximating with six boxes rather than three. This helps reduce false "blocked by" warnings.
  • Hide item action if quest conditions are not met.
  • Clip.prefab is no longer necessary for trees and objects.
  • Barrels can override muzzle flash position with "Muzzle" transform.
  • Destructible objects can use tree blade ID.
  • Tweaked the placement of blue trash bags at the Seattle construction site dumpster to reduce clipping and make them easier to safely land on.
  • Adjusted chart colors of all vanilla maps, as well as how PEI boulders, Washington boulders, and Russia quest lasers appear on charts.
  • Updated icons, preview images, loading screens, charts, and satellite views of all vanilla maps.
  • Unified barricade/structure editor, regular objects editor, and volumes editor transform handles.
  • Game now handles Steam overlay screenshot requests.
  • Screenshots no longer overwrite each other and can appear on the startup loading screen.
  • Vanilla pre-placed blood decals are not loaded if blood splatters are disabled.
  • Human animation template leg roll.
  • Potential problem with per-level version kick, log when unable to parse version.
  • Housing ramp blocking pillar and wall placement two floors below.
  • Holiday items visible in stylized chart capture.
  • Effect spawn position when forageable bushes are destroyed.
  • Roads that should have been curved on Germany.
  • Spot where the road was partially covered by the terrain on Germany.
  • All of the road guardrails on the Germany map to face inwards rather than outwards.
  • Removed some boulders that were located under the map terrain on Russia.
  • Incorrect materials being used out-of-bounds on Russia.
  • Typo for the ragdroll removal tool where the item name was misspelled.
  • Icon dimensions of many cosmetics to improve the quality of their high-res icons.
Downward Building:

Houses can finally be extended downward! This is especially useful for bridging gaps like roads and rivers, or repairing foundations after a raid.

Volumes Editor:

All of the "devkit" volumes have been moved into the regular editor, and are easier to shape with the new box move and box resize tools. Subsequent updates will convert older volume types like safezones to this tool, and add other shapes like spheres.

The Bridge Where It Rains:

Washington is the second map to receive theme music by staswalle! You can hear it on the loading screen, boombox item, or his YouTube channel here:

YouTube Video Link


Special thanks to Tyler "MoltonMontro" for the map and icon tweaks and fixes!

Playtime item drops have been disabled, but may return for special events like map releases. It was not very exciting to receive the older items, and I want to eliminate any item drop farming if it exists.

This will be the final version with 32-bit Windows support. According to the Steam hardware survey 32-bit Windows is approximately 0.22% of players.

*Current supersampling implementation is a mediocre placeholder until I add supersampling as an in-game anti-aliasing option. It will be faster once that is taken care of.
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