Update Notes

Posted on April 1st, 2022 02:20 PM EST

  • Mask when camera near clip plane intersects water.
  • PvP damage penalty when client is potentially faking lag. (e.g. "lag switch")
  • Various minor gameplay balance adjustments. (detailed below)
  • Render sky fog before transparent objects. Water transparency renders sky fog in forward pass.
  • Updated Unity from 2019.4.35f1 to 2019.4.37f1.
  • Converted hardcoded Anastasia door to text chat component + IOBS component.
  • Warning when item blueprints have identical conditions.
  • Leftover holiday chicken on Liberator. [Thanks danaby2]
  • Capturing satellite image when assets are missing from level.
  • Singleplayer pause menu also pauses audio globally. [Thanks Toothy Deerryte]
Balance Improvements:

It is widely agreed that some balance adjustments are long overdue, so this update combines a variety of work-in-progress upgrades from the past few months of tuning and feedback:
  • Recoil on the Maplestrike has been decreased by 5%, and the recoil control buff from Sharpshooter has been changed from 50% to 95%.
  • Draw distance has been further reduced down to 256m. Inflation of map sizes in open-world AAA games make it harder for us to compete, so the extremely exaggerated fog in Unturned at least makes the map FEEL bigger.
  • Green skin color hues have been removed from the Permanent Gold Upgrade. They made it too easy to blend into grassy maps like Kuwait and Arid. Instead, they are now a complimentary benefit of the new subscription-based Platinum Upgrade DLC. Locking them behind a more expensive paywall makes them rarer, and thus more balanced.
  • Helicopter audio volume has been increased by 220% to better convey how intimidating it should feel to see a helicopter flying toward your base. The deafening volume for passengers helps balance out how useful they are.
  • It was unfair for zombies to use navmesh pathfinding when animals cannot, so zombie AI has been replaced by animal AI. Use of flares and other zombie-attracting items is encouraged to help them get unstuck from corners.
  • Devkit was overpowered because it had features missing from the regular editor, so two new level editors "modKit" and "BoxEd" have been added which combine some features and remove others, evening the playing field for beginners to the modding scene. Editing mods without re-uploading to the workshop first is no longer supported.
We look forward to making further enhancements upon review of your feedback in the comments!

Underwater Mask:

The lower-left of this screenshot would previously have been a clear view of underwater zones, but now gets filled with the water color. This should help protect secret underwater locations and bases.

Fake Lag Threshold:

In recent weeks the exploit of artificially delaying game packets AKA "lag switching" has become more of a nuisance. To combat this, a new setting in the server Config.json file "Fake_Lag_Threshold_Seconds" has been added with a default value of 3 seconds. If there is a delay between input packets from the client greater than this threshold they will be penalized for a corresponding duration minus one second. For example if the threshold is 3 seconds and the server does not receive any inputs from a client for 3.2 seconds, they will be under penalty for 2.2 seconds.

During a fake lag penalty the client's damage against other players is multiplied by the "Fake_Lag_Damage_Penalty_Multiplier" setting which defaults to 0.1 or 10%. For example if the multiplier is 0.2 then the client will only deal 20% gun and melee damage against other players while under penalty.

Unfortunately false positives are relatively likely if the client framerate hitches, for example while loading a dense region. With the netcode rewrites of the past year these hitches should gradually be ironed out, but for the meantime the "Fake_Lag_Log_Warnings" setting can be enabled to help tune the threshold.
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