Update Notes

Posted on March 18th, 2022 11:00 AM EST

  • "Disable" option for weather command which cancels active weather and future scheduled weather. Useful for maps like Yukon which otherwise immediately start different weather when cancelled.
  • Editor setting to disable clouds on a map. [Has_Clouds in level asset]
  • Button to open file explorer in workshop item's install folder.
  • Button to open Logs folder from errors window.
  • Save preferred in-game player list sort mode.
  • Increased level editor far clip plane distance back to 4,096m.
  • Sky transition fog only starts blending in past 75% of the far clip plane. This feels less foggy than the previous update, and helps hide issues with transparency.
  • Using weather command with currently active weather guid will reschedule rather than toggling.
  • Gentle snowfall no longer overrides sky fog.
  • Planar reflection skybox projection matrix.
  • Hide holiday-restricted props from satellite capture.
  • With streamer mode enabled show in-game player list using redacted names.
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