Update Notes

Posted on May 21st, 2021 10:52 AM EST

  • Command-line "-RefreshRate=#" preferred monitor refresh rate override.
  • Config for custom links in server lobby screen and monetization filter.
  • Separated vehicle explosion option into ShouldExplosionCauseDamage and ShouldExplosionBurnMaterials.
  • Target_Acquired_Effect and Target_Lost_Effect for custom sentries.
  • Can_Be_Damaged option for buildable items.
  • Plugin ShowUseableGunStatus and ShowVehicleStatus UI flags.
  • Replaced PDW on Yukon with Swissgewehr.
  • Moved when buildable spawned events are called.
  • Saving levels with hundreds of different tree assets installed.
  • Tree audio in Kuwait menu.
  • Asset casting exceptions across the entire codebase. These were responsible for the NPC and zombie damage problems on Kuwait when there were ID conflicts with mods of a different type.
  • Visible_On_Ragdoll was accidentally disabled for cosmetics.
Server Links Config:

Servers can now include links to their website, support, forums, etc., in the lobby screen. The "Links" field in each server's Config.json file is an array, each entry has a richtext "Message" and "Url" field. For example:

{ "Message": "SDG Website", "Url": "https://smartlydressedgames.com/" },
{ "Message": "SDG Forum", "Url": "https://forum.smartlydressedgames.com/" }
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