Update Notes

Posted on March 5th, 2021 12:41 PM EST

Rain and snow have been built-in for a long time, but not in a way that was customizable or extendable. There were even some old comments in the code for "todo: heavy rain storms". They have now been rebuilt in a moddable fashion so maps can customize them or add new weather events, and lightning storms on official maps are planned for a future update.

Update Notes:

  • Collision audio for bullet casings and spent shells.
  • Full support for custom weather. Hardcoded rain and snow have been converted to custom weather.
  • Replace personal name when streamer mode is enabled.
  • Fixed admin flag ignoring hide_admins during initial connect.
  • Placement of kill counter on Nightraider.
  • Z-fighting quad on log under wooden window.
  • Buildable door snaps to end of animation on load.
  • Asset validation checks motion vectors are enabled.
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