Update Notes

Posted on February 26th, 2021 12:25 PM EST
Update Notes:

  • Game version check on server lobby screen.
  • Rewrote network messaging code. See details below.
  • Moved Washington Arena out of the core install into an optional workshop file.
  • Updated Alpha Valley and Washington to use road splines.
  • Client compares workshop file timestamp similarly to server change from the last update.
  • Blacklisted servers cannot be joined.
  • Blending out weather after set to none.
  • Elver radio backpack light mirroring on left-handed characters.
  • Helicopters and blimps use configured engine pitch.
  • Include terrain materials in level hash.
  • Spending NPC currency while currency condition is active.
Network Messaging Changes:

Following the network packing rewrite from earlier this month the code responsible for low-level network messages like the queue, authentication, BattlEye, etc has been rewritten. These systems are now more performant, resilient, and sets the foundation for the next step: game netcode improvements.

Important notice for plugin developers: the next set of network changes will remove support for RPC onTriggerSend and onTriggerReceive. If your plugins are using them please discuss here and we will find an alternative: Issue Tracker[github.com]
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