Update Notes

Posted on February 12th, 2021 12:29 PM EST
Update Notes:

  • In-game menu for Stockpile (rather than overlay / browser) in the Steam inventory menu.
  • Updated Yukon to use road splines.
  • Reverted uGUI experimental fix from last update.
  • Consolidated several duplicate audio clips.
  • Treat CR character without LF as new line.
  • Skybox ambient lighting update when entering / leaving water.
  • Electric vehicles creating a new battery when charged from empty. This was abusable for scrap metal.
  • Vehicle seat capsules not ignoring terrain holes.
  • Vendor return button when next dialogue (e.g. "thanks for shopping") has not been specified.
  • Road gap on the East side of Moscow.
  • Exporting economy item icons from the icon tool.
Edit: ironically the Stockpile went offline shortly before the update went out, in which case it still falls back to using the overlay / browser.

Elver Update Teaser:

Watch the Elver Map Teaser Here
The Church doors will open on the 19th.
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