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Posted on December 18th, 2020 12:03 PM EST
Old HUD Optional:

Support for switching between the older (IMGUI) and newer (uGUI) HUD implementations has been added. This is intended for players experiencing visual artifacts and flickering with uGUI until an engine fix is available, or if you really prefer the old one. Note that some menus like crafting and the inventory behave slightly differently between the two. If you would like to use the old HUD:
  1. Right-click Unturned in your Steam library
  2. Click "Properties..."
  3. Click "Select Launch Options..."
  4. Add "-Glazier=IMGUI" without quotes
Click here to read further details.[github.com]

  • Command-line option (-Glazier=IMGUI) to use IMGUI rather than uGUI.
  • Button on server info screen to view workshop item details.
  • Kick messages for the different lost position in queue reasons.
  • Negative color option for UIs which used red.
  • Noto Sans Thai font for Thai players.
  • Improved scaling of in-game map menu at higher resolutions.
  • Moved first-person light source (e.g. headlamp) to camera position.
  • Scroll wheel handling while mouse is over inventory grid.
  • Crawling prone underwater into a slanted surface entering swimming stance.
  • Exception when chat message was received while loading.
  • Unable to reload assets after exiting level editor.
  • Async image downloads dirtying pooled images.
  • Async item icon capture dirtying pooled images.
  • Exception when alt-tabbing while re-joining singleplayer.
  • Delay when rapidly selecting items in inventory.
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