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Posted on December 4th, 2020 12:10 PM EST
HUD Update:

If you have been playing Unturned for a long time then you know that the menus and HUD have rarely changed. And at first glance that is still the case. Nevertheless there has been a major rewrite of the UI systems which has released with this update. I always find it annoying when software changes the UI for seemingly no reason, so preserving the existing (albeit questionable) appearance, design, and functionality was a top priority.

Across the board the menus and HUD should look and feel "better". Some players will notice a performance boost: in particular the compass, hotbar, and map overlay were optimized. Rich text in the chat fades out properly. Crosshair animations finish properly. Tons of Mac and Linux bugs have been fixed (e.g. the wonky gamma on Mac). Lots (but not all) of the UI spaghetti code has been untangled.

On the technical side: prior to this update the game was still using IMGUI from Unity 4. Unity replaced IMGUI with uGUI in 2014-2015, and are now even planning to replace uGUI with "UIElements". With this in mind I decided to abstract the underlying Unity UI implementation, so it will be easy to integrate UIElements once it is stable. I had been wanting to upgrade from IMGUI for years, but with the amount of work required it kept getting pushed down the road. In the end if took one month of refactoring, and then one month of intermittent development on the beta branch.


  • Events for vehicle locking/unlocking and local driver.
  • Valid_Speed_Horizontal for modded vehicles with speed the server cannot predict e.g. force applying components.
  • Whitespace and newlines are trimmed from start and end of sign text.
  • Swimming while snowing with Snow_Affects_Temperature disabled no longer causes freezing damage.
  • Clamp item drop multipliers for enemies to prevent huge values (100+) from stalling the game.
  • AI problems with unbaked navmeshes in the level.
  • Dialogue with message-response pairings out of bounds.
  • Display of custom item action text and tooltips.
  • Warning for rocket launcher firing sound.
  • Spinning while leaning to glitch nearby inventory through wall.
  • Workzone highlight camera defaulting to enabled.
  • Default value of Allow_Horde_Beacon should have been enabled.
  • Box-selecting objects without gameobjects in devkit.
  • Moving devkit objects in and out of regular level bounds.
  • Potential cleanup bug causing gun effects to be claimed by two guns at once.
  • Placing items in object windows after the transform hierarchy optimizations.
  • Selecting the sky in workzone mode after the transform hierarchy optimizations.
  • Improper handling of BOM/preamble in dat files.
  • Gap in cliff near PEI lighthouse.
  • Several gaps in Germany caves.
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