Posted on November 20th, 2020 12:25 PM EST
Performance Improvement:

Vehicles, items, zombies, etc. were all nested in an unnecessarily deep transform hierarchy. Almost everything has been reworked to exist at the root level now which enables some multithreaded Unity optimizations, granting a +10-20% performance increase to CPU-bound multicore systems.

All of the game APIs which returned organizational transforms for plugins have been deprecated, but will create placeholders when called to prevent exceptions. Functions for finding the root transforms of entities have been updated accordingly.

Server Config:

Previously the server advertised every config value and the client would find the differences to display in the config screen. This was problematic if the data was mismatched between client and server. Now the server only advertises the differences (compared to default), and the client looks up the property by path. The config screen also categorizes them to clarify variables with the same name.

  • Flattened transform hierarchy to leverage parallel transform processing.
  • Improved server config diffing and display for server lobby menu.
  • Included Russia boulders in example assets package.
  • Fixed unable to cook using campfires and ovens on vehicles.
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