Update Notes

Posted on November 13th, 2020 01:27 PM EST

This update serves primarily to upgrade the game engine from Unity 2018 LTS to 2019 LTS. It should be a seamless transition and does not require changes from modders. The main benefit will be the upcoming user interface rework, which is available on a beta branch if you are interested in trying it out:
  1. Right-click Unturned in your Steam Library
  2. Select Properties and switch to the Betas tab
  3. From the dropdown select "glazier"

  • Bypass_Allowed_To_Damage_Player per-weapon setting.
  • Ignore_Children_File_IDs to workshop download config. Useful if creator is using dependencies as advertisements.
  • Imported adjustments by Renaxon to California messenger bag and armor rig.
  • Accepted four new curated workshop skins.
  • Enabled new Steam networking as the default transport layer (again). Huge thanks to Miku from Pandahut for extensive help testing!
  • Included mannequin in example assets.
  • Convert news feed usage of Steam web request to Unity web request.
  • Enabled rich text for quest interactables.
  • Failed console command outputs the input string.
  • LogSteamNetworkingSockets accepts a verbosity integer.
  • Gap along the edges of the 7x scope lens.
  • Leaning through invisible walls.
  • NPC enum parsing exceptions.
  • Two tiny gaps in the PEI pirate cove.
  • Using rest gesture in shallow water.
  • List translation differences on separate lines.
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