Update Notes

Posted on September 25th, 2020 11:52 AM EST

This update is mostly behind-the-scenes preparation for making Steam Networking V2 the default. There is a fix on the Steam client beta for the dedicated server certificate expiry for any hosts using the beta.

Update Notes:

  • Craftable Steam inventory tools for removing kill counters and ragdoll modifiers.
  • Per-player audio source pool combined into a global pool. Most one-off audio like zombie growls use this now as well, and it saves some performance by skipping sounds that would not be heard.
  • Command-line flag to allow Steam Networking Sockets connection without authentication. [-SNS_AllowWithoutAuth]
  • Character mythical toggle disables ragdoll effects for stealth.
  • Client SteamNetworkingSockets waits for authentication availability before connecting.
  • Teleporting to named locations uses a nearby location rather than the highest point.
  • Log when server connection to Steam fails, e.g. when logon token is expired.
  • Catch exceptions during command execution to protect against startup command issues in the future.
  • Owner command in startup commands list.
  • Updating amount when switching vendors with different currency types.
  • Components using IMGUI disable layout pass.
  • Destroyed vehicles not appearing burnt after re-joining server.
  • Rocket no longer consumes a bot player slot.
Unity 2019 LTS Beta:

The game has been updated from Unity 2018 LTS to 2019 LTS on the "unity-2019" Steam beta branch. There are still a few bugs to sort out, but it takes advantage of several new performance optimizations if you are curious to test it.
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