Update Notes

Posted on July 10th, 2020 11:02 AM EST
Vehicle Building:

Several settings have been added to Config.json for limiting the size of vehicle bases:
  • Allow_Item_Placement_On_Vehicle (true / false)
  • Allow_Trap_Placement_On_Vehicle (true / false)
  • Max_Item_Distance_From_Hull (meters)
  • Max_Trap_Distance_From_Hull (meters)
In particular, the trap settings are intended to help prevent roaming walls of death.

Emissive Materials:

Following the recent Unity upgrade and post-processing upgrade, the bloom threshold has been raised to only affect pixels with >1 emission. This prevents bloom from interfering with bright surfaces like beaches. The emission colors on a few hundred materials have been adjusted to match, and especially the bloom on fire looks nicer. If any materials were missed or look odd feel free to report them as a bug and they will be adjusted.


Servers using old versions of Rocket will now be required to update to a newer version. There was a warning about this in the server console in the previous update, but now it is mandatory. This is important because there are fixes for legacy Rocket issues like multithreading exceptions and teleportation exploits.

General Additions:
  • Added Quest_Boss_Respawn_Interval (seconds) option to help prevent abusing quests to farm boss tier loot.
  • Added flags for plugins to disable life meters and status icons.
  • Added EffectSpawner component for Unity event hooks to invoke.
  • Added Rubble_Reward_Probability [0, 1] for destructible objects.
  • Added collection tags to Steam items.
General Changes:
  • Upgraded vanilla flag, placard and sign items to use Unity's newer "TextMesh Pro" replacement for text meshes. This looks nicer and offers better performance.
  • Per-level server config overrides only apply if the server is using the default value.
  • Tools like carjacks and lockpicks can be used by admins in safezones for cleanup.
  • Item placement preview materials are two-sided, and no longer red/green. Some items had one-sided faces, and the red/green was bad players with deuteranopia.
  • Attached barricades ignore vehicle colliders regardless of name. Previously only colliders named "Clip" or "Block" were ignored.
  • Workshop submission menu tries to check for write permissions.
  • Potentially save time during startup by only checking official guns, melee and beans for skins.
  • Expanded navmesh at the mine on the Russia map so zombies from the Northern entrance can reach the soul crystal.
  • Exiting vehicles tests whether seat capsule is overlapping world. Should prevent wedging the tops of short vehicles like bikes into ramps to exit upwards.
  • Links to box items are not shown in regions where they cannot be opened.
  • Line break markup is formatted in item descriptions.
  • IOBS spawns the interactable effect for Effect, Effect_On and Effect_Off transforms if present.
  • Featured workshop item is slotted below unseen announcements in the news feed.
General Fixes:
  • Fixed entering vehicles through player collision volumes.
  • Fixed disabling interaction highlight when salvaging a barricade attached to a vehicle.
  • Fixed movement and vehicle mispredictions related to the underground whitelists.
  • Fixed placing barricade attachment being one frame late. This caused barricades placed on moving vehicles to sometimes get left behind.
  • Fixed barricades placed on doors not attaching to vehicles.
  • Fixed missing Bistro #1 and House #11 window slots.
  • Fixed failed parsing of graphics command-line values throwing an exception.
  • Fixed nailgun maximum starting ammo.
  • Fixed ammo and repair blueprints not respecting critical supplies.
  • Fixed potential issue with lobbies.
  • Fixed punching when transitioning between swimming and jumping.
  • Fixed changing weapon slots while driving interfering with physics.
  • Fixed re-acquiring "The One That Got Away" quest after abandoning it.
  • Fixed zombie fire breath sound attenuation.
  • Fixed cancelling turret usage when vehicle dies.
  • Fixed missiles disappearing on client when shot while moving backwards.
  • Fixed treating relay server IPs as remote player IPs.
  • Fixed fire and acid weapons dealing damage on PvE servers.
  • Fixed Use_Airdrops config only applying to survival mode.
Visual Fixes:
  • Fixed refreshing hotbar icons when item state changes.
  • Fixed item hotkeyed to 0 showing as 10.
  • Fixed not resetting atmospheric fog when returning to main menu.
  • Fixed atmospheric fog influence on sun rays and aurora borealis.
  • Fixed layout of large images in the menu news feed.
  • Fixed a misplaced parking line in St. Petersburg.
  • Fixed brightness of stars.
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