Unturned Update

Posted on February 10th, 2017 03:19 PM EST
unturned updates 3.x
Unturned update has been released on Steam.

  • Added keybind to take a 2x resolution screenshot. [Default Insert]
  • Added swimming trunks to beach spawns.
  • Added credits screen to main pause menu.
  • Added animated lava object.
  • Improved map object RAM usage at the cost of longer loading times.
  • Tweaked vehicles with inconsistent numbers of physical and visual wheels to have invincible tires temporarily.
  • Fixed a foliage related performance regression.
  • Fixed equipping newly dropped/exchanged items.
  • Fixed non-physical tires appearing dead on client.
  • Fixed unable to use batteries/tires while in safezone.
  • Fixed potential incorrect "not playing on this server" kick.
  • Fixed equipped gear icon showing on display items.
  • Fixed a contradiction in the Russia Mystery Box description.
  • Fixed trees with mismatched client/server collision.
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