Unturned Update

Posted on December 23rd, 2016 04:10 PM EST
unturned updates 3.x
Unturned update has been released on Steam.

  • Upgraded all official maps to use the new landscape and foliage features.
  • Added wizard to help convert existing terrain to the new systems.
  • Added miscellaneous features required for the upgrade to the foliage editors and devkit.
  • Added graphics option to draw foliage when aiming scope or binoculars.
  • Added alert to the main menu when BattleEye is not running.
  • Wrapped up presents under trees on Festive Russia map.
  • Accepted a few more festive themed curated workshop skins.
  • Updated to Unity 5.5.0p3.
  • Tweaked new tree roots/stumps to look nicer on hills.
  • Fixed placing doors/gates/shutters that open/close into a wall.
  • Fixed foliage bounds getting reset to origin. (caused it only to stream in when looking at origin)
  • Fixed edgecase incorrect foliage tiles passed into landscape foliage bake.
  • Fixed undo/redo transactions with >1 depth.
  • Fixed Pine_06 and Birch_03 using wrong shaders.
  • Fixed House_1 using wrong fortification slots.
  • Fixed to split in-game update notes paragraph meshes. [last one hit 65k vertices]
  • Fixed old trees using new tree hitboxes but not new tree trunk scale.
  • Fixed wrong name shown in some cases when cursor hovering over object.
  • Fixed a problem with the NPCs object filter.
  • Fixed projectile launchers to check for nearby surfaces similar to grenades.
  • Fixed a lighting related crash when loading very very old maps.
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