Unturned 3 Released Onto The Main Branch

Posted on July 8th, 2015 08:18 AM EST
Today, Unturned 3 has become the defaut version onto the main branch, replacing Unturned 2 version.

Official Announce :

Today, the 7th of July 2015, marks the 1 year anniversary of Unturned's release on Steam. 
It seems fitting to celebrate this by putting Unturned 3.0 onto the main branch!

While 3.0 still has plenty of room for improvement the majority of the playerbase has been enjoying it for months and at this point it far surpases 2.0 in quality. Going forward there are definitely many more goals to achieve, bugs to fix and rough edges to smooth (particularly the networking), however even with all its issues 3.0 is far superior to the archaic 2.0. 

Over the coming months I can't wait to continue developing 3.0 with all of you, it's been a blast and can only get better in the future! 

Here are just a few of the highlights from the past year of development:
  • Available on OSX and Linux. 
  • Dedicated servers with both built-in admin tools and fun expansions such as airdrops or game modes provided by Sven's Rocket modding API. 
  • Graphical improvements and enhancements as well as the upgrade from Unity 4 to the Unity 5 game engine. 
  • Improved inventory with item space, quality and per-clothing storage. 
  • Support for translations to any language. 
  • Fully featured built-in level editor. 
  • User created items/vehicles/objects. 
  • Workshop integration for all of the above with automatic downloads from servers. 
  • Cloud syncing of settings and singleplayer worlds. 
  • Tons of new content. 
  • Multiple character save slots. 
  • Expanded skill system with speciality branches and per-character speciality bonuses. 
  • Easier, but more complicated crafting system with skills like cooking and repairing items. 
  • Deeper character customization with superior animations and details like weapons on the character model. 
  • Smarter zombie AI capable of taking sneakier routes such as climbing through windows. 
  • Full Steamworks networking integration for features like VAC bans, joining through the friends list and an in-game server list. 
  • Building fortifications on both structures and vehicles. 
  • Physics for ragdolls, items, debris and more. 
  • Underwater exploration. 
  • Both 1st and 3rd person perspectives. 
  • Engaging survival with fishing, expanded hunting and farming. 
  • Full moons trigger wave survival at midnight. 
  • Zombie variety with mega zombies, crawlers and sprinters. 
  • 32 and 64 bit support.
For users wishing to continue playing 2.0 or go back for nostalgia sake it's still available by visiting the steam library, going to Unturned's properties and joining the "classic" branch under the betas tab. 

Source : http://steamcommunity.com/games/304930/announcements/detail/47635655594834537
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