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The year is 2032. A conflict has started in the United States of America. A terrorist group known as the League of Phantom is attempting to take over the city of Seattle. The Washington State Patrol responded, however they were extremely outnumbered by the group. As they had hundreds of men and women attacking the city. A day passes by. The U.S. Army has responded to the situation, although the tanks they sent in were destroyed by rockets coming from the Mi-24 gunships hovering above. And the AC-130s were being shot down by MiG-35s. The year is 2033. The League of Phantom has taken over the state of Washington, and the U.S. army has set a perimeter around the state. With checkpoints to make sure the evacuating civilians are not suicide bombers. The year is 2035. The League of Phantom has broken through the perimeter, and the military is struggling. Meanwhile, a resistance group known as the Patriots manage to shoot down an Mi-24 from the ground. A few months later, A Canadian research company known as Alex Industries finds the conflict interesting. They have been watching it from low orbit satellites, and also heard about futuristic weapons and armor. The company was stuck with conventional weaponry(Magazine & belt fed), and was looking for an upgrade. So Alex(CEO of Alex Industries), decided to ask the US president for permission to study the conflict. After some negotiating, The US president finally agreed.
The research company immediately sent Delta-4 Units into Washington, and took over the old Scorpion-7 Laboratory.

**Extra Facts**

23/Jan/2032, A US launched satellite discovered an asteroid containing Plasmatic Energy in a remote area. The US quickly moved researchers and military personnel to find the landing site. A day later, they found the asteroid and setup a camp near it. At 3:47, 23/Jan/2032, a primitive tribe attacked the researchers and guards. Only to quickly be gunned down. The combat troops and scientists took samples of the energy source, and took it back home. After conducting further studies, it was found that an amount the size of a tennis ball can power an automobile.
(more coming soon)


League of Phantom
After the election of 2032, the president has been making secret technology that the rest of the world was not aware of.
And the terrorist group League of Phantom wanted to gain access to the possible advanced weapons and armor. The technology was eventually revealed after the attack on Seattle.

The Patriots
The Patriots were formed in the aftermath of the attack on Seattle. With members including: Civilians, Military Veterans, and occasionally, Spies.

Alex Industries
A Canadian Research company, consisting of mainly doctors, chemists, engineers, and combat troops. The CEO, Alex, heard of this "Plasmatic Energy". They had a disadvantage. They only had lead-firing rifles, and belt-fed machine guns. They immediately asked the US president if they could "help" with the situation, and the President happily agreed.

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