Requirements for the paper

Among the variety of existing approaches to writing technology, there are a number of conditions that must be met:

-Adequate understanding of the meaning of the statement and the problem.
-Relevance of the text to the question raised.
-Highlighting and disclosure of the key aspects pointed out by the author of the statement.
-Clear definition of own opinion, attitude to the problem, to the position expressed in the quotation.
-Correspondence of the aspects disclosure to the given scientific context.
-Theoretical level of justification of own opinion.
-Presence of meaningful facts of personal experience, social behavior, social life.
-Logic in reasoning.

Absence of terminological, ethnic, factual and other errors.

Conformity with the standards of language and the requirements of the top essay writing service.
Any rigid limits on the volume of the essay are not set. It depends on the complexity of the topic, the nature of thinking, experience, and the level of training of the graduate.

Errors in formulating the problem

The following mistakes are most often encountered:

Misunderstanding and inability to highlight the problem in the statement. On the one hand, this is connected with insufficient knowledge of the discipline to which the statement refers, and on the other hand - with an attempt to fit under the identified issue considered, written or read earlier works.

Inability to formulate a problem. This error is ultius associated, as a rule, with a small vocabulary and terminology of the basic sciences.
Inability to formulate the essence of a citation. It is explained by misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the content of the statement and the lack of the necessary social science knowledge.

Substitution of the problem by the position of the author. This mistake arises from the fact that the graduate does not see and do not understand the difference between them. As a problem in the essay is the topic on which the author argues. It is always voluminous and extensive. Different opinions can be expressed on it, often completely opposite. The meaning of the statement is the author's personal position on the problem. The quotation is only one of many opinions.

Deficiencies in defining and justifying one's position

Lack of arguments to support the graduate's position indicates ignorance or disregard of the requirements for the structure of the essay. Frequent mistakes in the use of concepts are unjustified narrowing or expanding the meaning of a term, substitution of some definitions for others. Incorrect handling of information indicates an inability to analyze experience. Often examples given in the text are poorly related to the problem. Lack of critical perception of information obtained from the Internet and the media leads to the use of unverified and unreliable facts as justifications. Another common mistake is a one-sided view of certain social phenomena, indicating an inability to identify and formulate cause-and-effect connections.
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