You want to make sure you pick a name that suits your dog’s temperament, breed, energy levels, and personality - and you want to make sure you don’t feel embarrassed when it comes to shouting it out across the park each day.

You also want to make sure that you pick a name that your doggy will respond well too; according to science, you’re looking for a short one or two syllable name, max. Anything more complex and it’s likely your dog will find it difficult to learn their new moniker - and not respond so well to training.

Experts also suggest picking a name that starts with a hard/stop consonant, as it’s easier to grab your pup’s attention with a stop consonant.

And you should avoid ‘negative’ names, such as Killer or Bruiser, as it tends to give people a bad first impression of your dog - even if he’s the ultimate sweety-pie for Female Dog Names.

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