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Registration date October 19th, 2017 11:34 AM EST
Server(s) 1
Achievement(s) 19


Rank Server Players Status Tags
Elitelupus RP | 48 Slot  | No KOS
1 / 24 Dedicated First Person Normal PvP Rocket Secure Third Person Vote Rewards


Achievement Milestone 1

Earn 10 achievements. This achievement will give you 5% bonus for your servers score.

Server Admin

Register a server

Draw Attention

Add a banner to your server

Voice Comms

Link your Teamspeak or Discord server with your game server.

Followers Level 1

Have your server added in someone else's favorites

Followers Level 2

Have your server favorited by 10 users

10 Votes

Get 10 votes for your server

100 Votes

Get 100 votes for your server

200 Votes

Get 200 votes for your server

500 Votes

Get 500 votes for your server

1,000 Votes

Get 1,000 votes for your server

Just The Beginning

Have a server registered for 1 month

Still Here

Have a server registered for 3 months

Solid Foundation

Have a server registered for 6 months

Elder Server

Have a server registered for 1 year

Ranked 200th

Get ranked 200th or higher after the 10th of the month

Ranked 100th

Get ranked 100th or higher after the 10th of the month

Ranked 50th

Get ranked 50th or higher after the 10th of the month

Ranked 25th

Get ranked 25th or higher after the 10th of the month