Update Notes

Posted on October 22nd, 2021 11:02 AM EST

The survivors on Kuwait's Icarus island have put up some new decorations to celebrate the event! Halloween festivities are taking place on many of the maps, including Elver, and the Liberator crew are dressed up in their costumes. On behalf of the map creators, the zombies, and myself: Happy Halloween!

  • Switched query port with connection port to make Steam browser protocol connect easier.
  • Removed recommended max players.
  • Removed option for servers to use old/legacy/deprecated Steam networking.
  • Added calibers to hidden barrels to make them harder to misuse.
  • Experimentally replaced manual input re-sending with transport layer reliable send.
  • Fixed immediately dying to fall damage on maps below the level origin.
Port Change

The Steam query port is now the configured port rather than plus one. This means any Steam browser protocol links will need their port decreased by one. For example steam://connect/ should be changed to steam://connect/ There have been a few related changes to make this work more reliably as well.
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